Forgotten Latino pornstars

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    Can someone tell me the whereabouts of these Latino pornstars? I ask because they are some of the hottest, in my opinion, but also some of the most neglected. Here they are:

    Ricky Casales (He's the little twink in the middle, wearing the pink bikini. He was legal at the time):

    Kevin from Miami Studios: Miami Studios | Gay video DVD store | Kevin

    Another shot of Kevin (The Mexican Love Bandit): Miami Studios | Twinks a Poppin'

    Eddie Perez:

    Max Grand: Max Grand video on demand

    Mike Lamas:

    Midnight: Gay Erotic Video Index

    Luis Cordo (The guy on the left): Gay Erotic Video Index

    Freddie Mac: Gay Erotic Video Index

    Roberto Arias:

    Astriano Moreno Gay Erotic Video Index

    Vinnie Rocko: Gay Erotic Video Index

    Anybody know these guys personally, or know whatever became of them? Thanks!
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    Hey, Vibora! Do you have any more pics of Ricky Casales? I think he is absolutely adorable! Such a sexy, young twink. Or any screen caps or clips from any of his movies or photo shoots. Would really appreciate it-thanks!
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