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    "Don't you guys ever knock!?!" I screamed that out when my frat brothers walked right into my bedroom.

    Everybody hung their heads and started stammering out their respective apologies. It really wasn't their fault though. I share this place with four guys from my fraternity and everyone is pretty laidback and casual around the house. With that in mind, I probably should have thought to lock my door before laying on my bed and whipping out my cock for a little bit of solo fun.

    Nobody made an effort to leave the room, which was rather peculiar. As Zach pointed out, it was actually kinda funny. I mean, we're all young guys, but we all act so tough and macho. Up until that moment we hadn't even caught a glimpse of each other naked. Yet here I was, laid out with my dick standing at attention for my four housemates to see.

    "I know we should get out," Zach said, with a shit-eating grin on his face. "That would be the right thing to do. But, Nate, I got to be honest - I really don't want to. I hope you don't mind."

    The crazy thing was, I didn't! I shrugged my shoulders at Zach. Then I turned my head and nodded to Sam, Kyle and Lenny, one after the other. They all smiled back, sheepishly. Then everybody laughed.

    The slightly nervous laughter stopped when Zach, who stood closest to the bed, reached out his hand. His thick fingers brushed along the side of my face. His touch then travelled down my neck. Strangely enough, I didn't stop him. His hand moved lower down my chest and I squirmed as he squeezed my tanned left nipple.

    "Please fuck me," I begged to a guy who had previously been my wingman when picking up college chicks. "Fuck me, Zach, in front of everyone!"

    He paused for a minute. Zach winked at me and began to suck my nipple. Before I could let out a moan, I was met with a strong kiss. I could feel his tongue slipping into my mouth.

    I broke out of the kiss and turned to look at the rest of our housemates. Then I guided Zach back to my chest. He sucked, nibbled and chewed my nipples before kissing down my treasure trail. I started breathing heavier as he got closer and closer to my cock.

    Zach's lips kissed the tip of my dick and his hands firmly gripped my ass cheeks. It was heavenly, the way he sucked me off. It was hot, exciting and surprisingly showed signs of expertise. The soft mutterings of my housemates added to the heat and I came right then and there. My cock pulsed and squirted out blasts of cum into Zach's willing mouth.

    I pushed him back and caught my breath. Then I looked Zach in the eye. He knew what to do. I stared at him impatiently as he kicked off his flip flops and threw his jeans and boxers to the floor. I squirmed on the bed, eager to have everyone see Zach's cock stuffed in my hole.

    His cock was hard and ready, all that was missing was a condom. Luckily, Kyle had one in his pocket. He whistled for Zach's attention, then tossed it over.

    Zach lifted my legs up high and drove right into my ass with a stiff no-nonsense thrust. I threw my head back on my pillow, clawed at the bedsheets and moaned with passion. Then, as Zach began to hammer away, I begged him to come closer.

    He sank further into me and I clutched his ass and held him in place. He kissed my neck and gnawed on my earlobe. It felt so good. But the feeling of him squirming and stirring his cock in my butt felt even better. However, the hottest part was still seeing the looks on the faces of my housemates.

    Sam had his pants around his ankles and his cock out. The other guys soon followed suit. Kyle jerked his cock wildly, while Lenny worked his a bit slower with the same determination.

    I asked Zach what his fave position was. "The piledriver," he quickly answered and I chuckled. I got on my back with my lower body in the air and my legs bent back above my face. Zach stood upright on the bed. He slammed deep into my ass and then moved forcefully, in and out. I screamed and bucked so much that he had to brace his feet and hold on tight.

    All three of our housemates came before Zach did. And that in turn, got me off a second time. I unleashed a big load on my abs.

    "Nate," Zach said has he tossed the condom and started for the bathroom to wash up. "that was fucking nuts!"

    "We should do it again sometime," I added with a grin, rubbing my wad into my skin while my housemates pulled their clothes together.
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    Short, sweet and hot!
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    omg more PLEASE
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