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    At work there are a lot of the old timers leaving and younger ones coming in. They like doing the Friday drinks after work which is cool and im totally up for even though i don't really like to socialize with colleagues outside of work hours. But now ive got the weird situation of trying to drink enough to relax and have fun but not drink enough to make an ass of myself. Mind you its an office enviroment so gossip is rampat.

    Has anyone drunk a little to much and regretted it the next day?

    And is there some kind of theory to live by to make sure i dont make the same mistake?
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    Have I ever imbibed too much and regretted it the next day? Heck yeah, though I never did so with co-workers only friends. I'm funny like that. I guess you could say I have control issues. :redface:

    Since you don't generally like to mix with work people outside of work, (which I totally understand) why drink to the point of relaxation? I'm not sure how many drinks that is for you as it varies by person. My recommendation is to order one drink and nurse it for an hour then leave. Why should you feel obligated to spend hours every Friday night with people you work with? Another option is to order a drink like a vodka and cranberry when you are done with that only order cranberry and seltzer. It looks the same, you don't get silly drunk, and everyone else thinks you are cool for your ability to hold your liquor.:cool:
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