Friends and co-workers...flopping?

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    Had an interesting experience today...

    I work in a fairly 'rigid' office environment where we all wear uniforms (I teach culinary)- most of my colleages (sp) wear a spefic 'look', that well, doesn't show a lot of..... (one thing I love about my job- I can 'hang loose' and well...I can. :cool:

    Today I was shopping at a large home improvement store (orange) and encountered a fellow prof.... wearing shorts and to my trained eye, nothing underneath- he was bouncing proudly. wow!

    Not 'huge' (or LPSG-able but very healthy, with nicely furred legs I might add. I was hard to gawk. I wear in walking shorts and I may have shown a bit (hard not to in shorts) - the image really stuck in my head...

    His cock was bouncing 'front' along the seam and balls swiinging back and forth..

    Any one else have simillar experiences?

    I used to know a woman who worked for the head of the company- I never saw her anywhere but at her desk.

    One day saw her in a hallway- holy moly! the woman had LEGS! (she laughted when she caught me staring- she said she got that quite often...sitting she looks shorts- but she was allllll leg (very nice shapely leg I might add...)
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