Fueless, free energy and Antigravity!!

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    I would like to spread the word and enlighten as many people as possible about the technologies that have existed for a long time and will probably exist in the future, that with enough pressure from the people of the world will replace fossil fuel and nuclear power production, sooner rather than later!!

    Please check out the following websites and send the links to as many people as possible:

    Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD - PESWiki

    Just imagine, antigravity and flying saucers have been around for decades!
    It's about time we had flying cars!!!:cool:

    American AntiGravity - Searl Effect Antigravity

    Battery powered Electric cars or hybrids are not the best solution. Magnetic power, ball lightning power, even water could be used to provide our energy needs without the emissions that are destroying our planet.

    Anyone have any ideas to accelerate the convertion to these technologies?
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