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    hey guys
    i just wanna put up instructions to make a really easy sex toy for the guys
    i'm sure that my instructions are gonna be really similar to some of the ones out there
    so don't go posting about how this is already up i know that its similar
    but i just wanna give you my way of doing it which i found really easy
    to make a quick "fake vagina" (or whatever hole you want it to be really)
    all you need is:

    1. a plastic water bottle (i use a deer park bottle)
    2. two kitchen sponges (the ones you use for washing dishes)
    3. condoms or latex rubber gloves
    4. a rubber band if you choose to use rubber gloves
    5. a knife or something to cut the bottle with

    so all you have to do is:
    1. use the knife to cut the BOTTOM end of the bottle, say where the first or second ridge is (if you guys have a bottle, you'll know what i mean by ridge). cutting it at this first or second ridge will accommodate most penis sizes. this is most easily done by puncturing the bottle with the knife and slicing your way around the bottle. throw away the bottom part, the top part of the bottle, with the cap, is what you'll be using
    2. if you chose to use rubber gloves you're going to sandwich the glove in between the soft sides of the two sponges, with most of the slack on the wrist part of the glove sticking out. when you insert the sponges into the bottle in the next step, make sure the open end of the glove is sticking out the bottom open end of the bottle, and keep the glove sandwiched between the two sponges.
    3. the kitchen sponges have a soft side, and a rough side. with the soft sides facing the inside of the bottle, bend the sponges into a U shape and fit them into the water bottle so that they make a shape like this: ( ) inside the bottle, with the soft side on the inside (you wouldn't want to stick your penis into the rough sides would you?)
    4. with the slack of the rubber gloves sticking out, wrap the wrist part of the gloves around the open edges of the bottom of the bottle so that it is held in place. then put a rubber band around the glove so that it is secured to the bottle.
    5. if you choose to use condoms, ignore steps 2 and 4. once the sponges are in the bottle, you are good to go! the rough edges will keep the sponges in the bottle even when youre using this toy vagina
    6. have fun! I suggest you use this toy in the shower, as not only will the sponges be softer when wet and conform to the shape of your penis as you use it better, but if you use hot water, the sponges will simulate the warmth of the inside of a pussy as well.
    7. make sure to clean out the bottle and wring out the sponges when done, and use new latex gloves or condoms with each use, just to be clean

    if you guys would just like a quick easy sex toy that is easy to make and can be made with simple household items, this is for you
    just thought i'd like to share a quick idea with the guys of lpsg :)
    hope you guys like it, and i welcome any feedback on those of you who take a few minutes to make and try this toy!
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