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    I’ve been thinking about a storyline that includes the work place. We all have people we want to bang at work and sometimes we drift off thinking about those people. This is one of mine…

    I work at an upscale retirement community in the Midwest as a Maintenance Tech and I try to live a basically quiet life. Yea right…

    I was passing by the reception desk one Saturday morning when I was on weekend duty and noticed that Hattie was working the phones.

    Let me tell ya about Hattie; about mid 50’5 lady with the body of a 25 year old.
    Beautiful face with thick red hair; hazel eyes (of course) and a pretty white smile (upper and lower plates but I’ll talk about that later). She’s the kind of lady that likes to go to tanning establishments – how do I know? Well, not only does she have a wonderful, brown color on her skin that you can see but she has a set of boobs that are heavy and low with a beautiful tan line that hovers very closely to her nipples. She would wear over-sized sweaters so as to hide those monsters but this morning she had about a foot of cleavage showing as she bent forward to take care of her administrative duties.

    Looking up, she saw me glancing at her heavy hangers and smiled. “You are a dirty boy, Jonny. I just had them oiled and lubed this morning by my husband so there is nothing left for you to do.” That kind of talk just goes right to my 24 year
    Old cock and opens the flood-gates of blood.

    I looked up into her sweet eyes and smiled, “That’s ok, sweetie; there’s enough for both of us to lube.” She sat up straight and her body belied her feelings. 2 great paps were sticking straight out from her mammoth mammeries and causing
    the fabric to strain under the pressure. I looked down and said, “Because I think he missed a spot. Or two.”
    She looked at her nipples jutting through the fabric and just about died. She sat down immediately and I decided it was time to take matters into my own
    hands; or more correctly – her own hand. The reception desk is set behind a four and a half foot countertop so pretty much anything going on behind it stays hidden. There is a workspace that Hattie works on at a proper height (which I catch her resting her boobies on every now and again) and I sidled up and parked my ass right next to her.

    She looked up at me and said “What can I do for you?” in her best secretarial voice. Once again, pouring my life-blood into my now raging cock.
    I said to her “You do a lot of cooking don’t you?” She looked up and mumbled “Mmm hmm.”
    I added “so you use a lot of cooking implements, correct?” She looked at my sweatpants, groaned a little and croaked “Yea.”.

    I pushed the fabric of my sweats down on either side of my cock and said “So, I assume you have seen a pink rolling pin before.” She looked away,
    went back to her typing and said with her eyebrows up around her hairline said “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
    I said “OK, let me show you one.” Completely hidden from incoming visitors, I reached up to my waistline and grabbed my sweats and pulled down.

    Little Jon is on the scene.

    You’d think a blond haired, blue eyed combination of German and American Indian decent wouldn’t be packing a meat stick of epic proportions, but there it was. I pulled my sweats down and Hattie looked over again with a
    Nonplussed face of disinterest. My cock is 13 inches measured from pubes to peehole. Thick – 7 inches around and tipped with a womb-broom of a cock head. Big, mushroomy and the size of a pink, ripe plumb. I was working
    on a serious hardon before but now it was just ugly. Massive veins ran up and down the shaft and it bobbed with my heartbeat; the only redeeming factor
    of my cock is it is a sweet pink color so it takes away from some of the “Godzilla” properties.

    Hattie seemed unaffected up to now, but as it started to defy a little gravity she sighed and said “Well, I guess we need to take care of this… thing.”
    She reached over to the top drawer of the desk a pulled out her hand lotion. I tried to explain to her that it wouldn’t be necessary but she told me to be quiet and just enjoy the show. She reached up to the back of her head and pulled off her hair scrunchy. She proceeded to wrap the scrunchy tightly around the base of my cock and under my balls like an adorable cock-ring that any girl could pick up in any dollar store. Could you imagine a high school girl seeing what this pink, fluffy item was doing to my cock (hmm, that sounds like another story)?

    Wrapping the scrunchy tight against the dorsal vein of my cock, my fleshy sledge was starting to lift off my leg and bob about in mid air. Hazel grabbed the lotion
    and squirted a palm-full of Jerk-ins (get it? HAR!) onto her pretty hand and started to rub it between her hands. She finished and looked me in the eyes and said "I'll be real disappointed if you cum too soon...”

    I looked back at her and smiled and said "I’ll try not to disappoint.”

    She positioned herself sideways to me, still face-level to my piss-hole and reached up. She slid, not grabbed, my penis-head with both hands firmly and slid them down to the base of the scrunchy like a warm pussy. She heard me take in
    a breath like I was going to go under water and NEVER took her eyes off of me.

    "Look me in the eye, you fucker..." as she stroked my cock up and down "Don't look away for one second."

    The only time I took my eyes off of her was to look at her golden hands working my wood like she was handling 10 pounds of tenderloin.

    Her hands would stop off at the head and run their fingers under the head-groove where I almost would lose it and go back down. She kept this rhythm up for a while when she spoke again.

    "Look ONLY at my mouth you Horney shit. I'm going to make your cock give me my weekly allowance of jizz..."

    I thought my heart was going to stop when she did her next bit.

    She opened her pink-colored lips and slowly put her mouth around my supersized cock-head. She closed her mouth and started to roll her tongue under my glans. While she was doing that, she slid the scrunchy off my balls so it loosened up and took her whole hand and pressed it where the
    the dorsal vein of my kielbasa meets my pubic region so it couldn't let the blood out of my cock; causing it to balloon out and up.

    I looked at my baby-leg and it was fucking huge but her ministrations and those beautiful eyes were too much; I felt my balls squeeze and pump out 15 shots of the thick-n-ropey stuff. It ran its way out of my penis and into Hattie’s
    mouth. She kept her tongue-rolling thing going through the whole orgasm as my cock looked like a slow, pulsating fire hose. Pump after pump, throb after throb and all she could do is roll her tongue and drink my cum.

    My cock started to slow down as she pulled away, letting a rope of cum trail from her mouth to my crank. A good 2 feet as she sat back into her chair. "Gimme this
    you horney motherfucker." as she pulled off her scrunchy from my penis and reapplied it to the back of her head; complete with cum and hand lotion.

    I tried to get up to pull my sweats back on but no deal.

    Ya know after some really good sex (or a great jerk) you penis is flaccid but its' size is still there, my cockhead was resting nicely on my fucking kneecap
    and that's when I notice Sheronda from the kitchen looking at me from the kitchen entrance. The look of horror and interest that was on her face told me she was there for the last part of the show and let me tell you friends and neighbors, the show was a crowd pleaser.

    I stood up, dropped my sweats past my knees, collected my dick and bag and pulled them up.

    Hazel gave me a smile and told me next time it was my treat. She slid her skirt up her legs till I saw the object of my affection; a very well-trimmed bush and a clit that was the size of my thumb to my 1st knuckle. I drooled a little
    and told her it would be my pleasure.

    I started walking around the desk to the kitchen entrance. My sweats were having trouble hiding my deflated wyrm and I stood right in front of Sheronda. I said "So, how much did you see?"

    She would not take her eyes off my meatpole silhouette and stammered "About 15 inches..." as a small, hysterical laugh creaked from her beautiful, ebony mouth.

    I lightly touched her chin and brought her beautiful, dark-green eyes to mine and said "Hattie just gave me a reason to sleep for a week, but I would love to see you, soon."

    She smiled at this and said "Umm, yea, just let me know when you and your Panda are done hibernating, Poobear."

    I melted a little and agreed.

    But that is another tale... Cue music
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