Fundamentalists attacking Sufi worship

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    The Taliban has been targeting popular shrines of Sufi saints, and so also are sectarians in Egypt.

    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, or Movement of Taliban, an umbrella group of militants, claimed responsibility for the attack, Reuters reported. ...
    Though no accurate statistics are available, it is estimated that more than 75 percent of Pakistan’s population adheres to the Barelvi school of thought, which follows many Sufi practices. Punjab, the country’s most prosperous and populated province, has a Barelvi majority. Hard-line Deobandis consider Barelvis heretics.
    Barelvi religious leaders have described the attacks as an attempt to sow sectarian strife.
    “This is an act of terrorism by the Taliban,” said Sahibzada Muhammad Fazal Kareem, a member of Parliament and head of the Sunni Ittihad Council, an alliance of eight religious parties opposed to the Taliban.

    Forty-one people killed, many injured, by suicide bombers, one of whose explosive vests failed to go off.
    Egyptian Authorities Arrest Salafis For Demolishing Sufi Shrines

    The MEMRI Blog - Full Blog Entry

    I am sad. Sufi mysticism is the path of love, and a major part of both Sunni and Shia daily living in most of the Islamic world.
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