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    I've noticed there are many ethnic groups among us here at LPSG. With that diversity comes a host of cultural activities that we may participate in. I am American Indian/Native American and am on the pow wow circuit; there are a ton of saying we say that others simply don't get... For many, they think it sounds "perverted," especially in open forum. So, with that said, I thought it would be fun to list some of the "saying" you might have heard or have said during events (if you are an actor, athlete, vocalist, or ethnic/cultural) that might generate a laugh. :)

    Here are my top 10!

    Powwow saying that sound nasty if ya didn't know better

    10. You have to be fully dressed to receive your money.

    9. He's got a nice set of bells!

    8. It looks wet, think I'll put on rubbers for grand entry

    7. I was half dressed in the parking lot, when they started grand entry.

    6. "Painted Warrior" you're n the hole, 6 push-ups "Boyz."

    5. I can't wait to "49" with you tonight

    4. "Oh Hey-- I didn't recognize you undressed."

    3. You need to do it more in front of the Judges.

    2. "Ok girls, spread yourselves out more, so the judges can see your outfit."

    AND the Number One top ten is

    1. Can I get undressed now?

    Oh, pm me if you want a better understanding of what these mean. haha
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    Workin' up a good pot of mad!

    THe funny thing is that I totally understood them. Since you and L do fancy dance competitions it is just the language of dancers. But it does sound naughty. I would love to see you all dance at some point.
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