G-STAR CLOTHING - The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool

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    Seriously, I love their clothing and how sexy some of those jeans and sweaters look on some dudes but damn ! You have to be either really fit and cut or really, really skinny to look good in some of their stuff and even then it seems you'd have to suck your breath in LOL. I went into one of their stores today to try on some of their new sweaters and even the large size felt like an XXXSML on me, and I'm not even that fat now that I've started exercising and eating right. I love their jeans though as well. They seem to really cup your bum and give it a nice lift as you pull on the jeans, and some of them are cut that right style of low rise that really shows off your bulge up front.
    So yeah. G-STAR. Love the clothing but you really have to be in great shape to wear it :biggrin1:
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