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Gagging for daddy c*ck


Sexy Member
Jan 23, 2021
United Kingdom
100% Gay, 0% Straight
I love dick, the smell of it, the fuzzy balls hanging below. The feeling of the skin in your mouth as you taste it with your lips. The feeling of being under someones control when you're kneeling before them, eyeing their meat dead in the eye. I love it even more when it's an old guy (I'm 30, so 40s/50s is a turn on).

I usually frequent cruising sites when I'm extra horny, looking for the best daddy dick. Something to fantasise over, something to moan over. I just want it when I want it. There's a few cruising sites near where I live, some more active than others. Usually a place you drive to and it's a long back lane where you drive up and down first to check out who's there and making sure you've seen all the prospects before landing on one.

This one day, it was sunny, really warm. The air was clammy and I was wearing shorts, the jogger type shorts where you can grab your dick nicely. Fondle it as you're driving, anticipating what could be around the corner...

I was driving home from my parents and thought, hmmm I wonder if anyone is at "the lane"? What could I be missing out on. What dick could be getting sucked which I'm not sucking... before I knew it I was driving down the lane. It bends and turns with little laybys into woods and little pitstops along it. Cars line up and people give each other the eye. Everyone wanting the same thing, a little sexual exploration and a chance to get off.

I drive by first, check out who's around. Nothing really happening at first. A few older-older guys who don't really fit the idea of what I wanted. But I park up in a spot and play with myself. I have the window open listening for any cars driving by. I feel the warm breeze enter the car and lick the end of my cock as it's peeping out of my shorts as I grab it. I feel restricted so I decide to get out of the car. My knees trembling as I'm excited but also nervous. I deliberately didn't wear underwear as I knew it might end up coming to this spot. I like the thought of being naked under my shorts and letting my dick print show. I'm not a massive guy, but my dick is thick.

Where I had parked had a fence which lead into a farmers field, a gate separating the track to the field. I open it and walk into the field. So warm and the sun was drifting down towards the horizon. I decide to take a seat in the middle of the long grass. In the british summertime, we don't get a lot of chances to be out in the sun, so I took this as a leisurely activity.

I'm so turned on, sitting, almost lying back, I have my shorts wrapped around my legs. My pussy aching for play. I fondly my cock and my balls, licking my fingers and playing with my hole. I'm quite tight, so I like to rub my finger around the rim first, gently teasing it open. My finger being sucked in as I get a bit too horny. Just me, enjoying the feeling of being almost nude with my hole on display for all to see.

It's at this point, I hear a car door shut. There's bushes between where I parked and the field. So you're not always sure who's there. I am debating whether to move, but my sexual instincts tell me to stay. I do. I'm lying there, shorts around my ankles. Hard cock and thirsty hole.

I hear the gate latch, my heart racing. The gate pushes open and I see a handsome older guy (around 55ish) walk through. Shorts and a tshirt. No socks. Sandles. He glances over to me, smirking and signalling with his mouth "can I join you?". I nod with a smile.

He was not muscular, he wasn't fat either. Just a well built guy, possibly did rugby earlier on in his life. His thighs were thick and his calves meaty. I love nice legs on a guy. They weren't hairy but they did have a stubbly texture to them by the looks of it. I could see a nice bulge in his shorts, which he grabbed as he walked towards me.

I'm lying there and he comes up to me and kneels down. His hands grabbing my ankles and working their way up to my inner thighs. He asks if i've been here long, I say i've just got here and i'm super horny. He takes his time to rub around my pussy. Touching my cock as he touched his. He slowly reached inside his shorts and slowly pulled the tip of his cock to the waistband. I could see it was a nice thick head. Not mushroom like but like it had a nice girth all the way along. I Sit up and grab it, pulling the shorts down further to reveal it's full length. Probably high end of 7inchs, with a nice girth. Big balls with a layer of hair. Not long but just enough to keep the musty smell in. He kisses me and his finger plays with my hole, I'm grabbing his balls and slowly wanking his cock.

It's at this point I notice out the corner of my eye, someone else watching. From the other end of the walk way, not the way my handsome daddy walked in but a little further down. A guy around 46, quite tall. Dad bod in jeans and a tshirt. His jeans open at the zipper and his hand inside. The handsome daddy asks if i'm ok with someone watching. I said yes and that I almost wanted him to join in. He didn't mind, so he signalled the guy over. I feel so slutty, my fantasy of being in the middle of two daddies coming to life.

The other guy comes closer and undoes the button to his jeans, zipper already down, and unveils a nice 8.5 inch cock. Lovely head on it, foreskin slightly covering it. Nice vein running down it. I salvate at the thought of two cocks all for me. The handsome daddy still fingering my hole. I get on my knees now, the two daddys stand and present their cocks to my willing mouth. I am in heaven. I take turns sucking them both. I slap one on my face whilst i suck the other. Taking it turns tasting their slightly sweaty cocks. sniffing their balls as i go. Getting turned on even more by the musty sweaty smell that's came since it's so warm.

One of the guys goes behind me, pushing my head onto the handsome daddys cock. Making me take it all in. He then pays attention to my hole. Fingering it, one finger first, then two, then three. Spitting down my cheeks to lube it up. He asks if i'm ok with this, I say yes but i'm quite tight. He said his fingers seem to have loosened my up, he said i'm almost gagging for a cock up there. I giggle and say if you want to.

I'm in pure delight. One end of me is being fucked my a cock, and the other is just about to get fucked by a cock. Both holes satisfied.

I feel the other guys cock tease my hole. His head feels huge against my little pussy. He slowly starts to enter. It feels so big but at the same time I'm sucking cock, so i cannot moan too much.

He slides deeper and deeper in. I feel it taking over me. The cock. I'm moaning now.

He starts to slide in and out, the handsome daddy asks how I feel, the other guy says it feels fucking good. Warm and tight. He says this as he's sliding in and out faster. My prostate getting banged by his thick long cock.

He says to the handsome daddy, you should come feel it. So he does. He comes round and swaps places. His dick feels even thicker. I feel stretched to my limit. Feeling used like a little slut. He starts to bang me, proper forcefully. I'm getting fucked so hard. The other guy come to the front and fucks me in the face. Telling me i'm their slut. "You like being used by two older guys don't you?!"

I feel the handsome daddy get more and more into it. He starts to breathe heavier. His thrusts more shaky until I feel a warm filling sensation and his hands grip tighter around my waste. He's just squirted a hot load into my willing hole. "ah fuck" he says as he slowly slides out of my hungry hole. He gets up and wipes his cock on my face and the residual cum flicks off.

The other guy now takes his turn. He doesn't need lube or spit as my hole is soaked in cum.

Fucking my hard, his balls slapping on my taint.

I'm wanking my own cock to the rhythm of his strokes. The handsome daddy egging him on. "come on fucking spunk in his arse".

I'm feeling like i'm high. My own cock throbbing and my hole throbbing from two big dicks fucking at it.

It's at that moment, the other guy moans loudly and fills me up even more with his own load. I'm cumming too. my load going onto my shorts.

He fucks me in and out to make sure i'm getting it all. then stands up and wipes his cock on my face. Both of them letting out a giggle as they look at the mess they've made.

The both walk off as I'm left on my own in my mess. Cum on my face. Cum oozing out of my hole. and my clothes ruined by spunk and spit.

How I long for every cruising day to be like this....


Mythical Member
Apr 14, 2017
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
100% Gay, 0% Straight