Poll: "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe is top fantasy man

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    Your top fantasy man proves you like 'em dirty!

    by Robert Ordona

    We asked the forbidden question, "Do you have a fantasy man you would go outside your primary relationship to be with?" You boldly answered 'Yes!' and named the top celebrity hunks you find so irresistible that even your hubby couldn't stand in the way of your pleasure.

    Out of 25 hot celebrities, whittled down from a whopping 200 suggestions, you voted on your winner, and your decision told us that Twinkies are best left on the shelf, TV docs should stay on the screen and tennis players don't hold court in the bedroom.

    With all results in, multi-talented host and performer Mario Lopez (of the boulder biceps) came in at No. 4; sexy silver-haired news anchor Anderson Cooper was third and the "Fast and Furious" star with the fab abs Paul Walker came in second.

    But your surprising No. 1 fantasy man proves you like 'em rugged, you like 'em mature and you like 'em dirty: Mike Rowe, the dreamy star of the popular Discovery Channel series "Dirty Jobs," where he brings sexy back to cleaning sewers, dodging rats, "fisting" bulls and even jerking off turkeys.

    One voter calls him "sexy, funny, masculine, charming, and hot as all-get-out!" and goes on to say he'd like to teach Mike "a few 'dirty jobs' he wouldn't be able to feature on his show." Another voter says he's fallen under the sway of "sexy Mike" and almost, well, let's say "lost control" of himself when he saw Mike shirtless in one episode. Another voter, after gushing over Mike's attractiveness, makes the statement that sums up Mike's appeal: "Woof!"

    For those of you who aren't familiar with Mike Rowe, check out our feature on the Gay TV Blog, complete with great "Dirty" photos and video of Mike in his underwear!

    Upon learning of this honor, Rowe had to set the record straight:

    "What can I say? I'm honored. I would, however, like to take a moment to clear something up. Even though I got my start in theater, sang for years in The Baltimore Opera, moved to San Francisco and never married, I must tell you all again, for the hundredth time ...

    "I am NOT a celebrity.

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that... "

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    That reply is brilliant. It's nice for a change for a celebrity with gay fans to reply with something other than "I'm not gay," with or without following it up with "not that there's anything wrong with that." I like that Mike gets it.
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    Damn! I had tuned in briefly a few times but never saw him. I am *SO* glad that men's tastes are becoming more realistic and appreciating "real" men. If this is in HD, I plan on recording all of them!

    Don't miss The Volcanic Mud Bath, especially at the 4:00 minute mark. It seems that he *really* likes playing in mud! :biggrin1: Here is the *MUST SEE* link:

    Gay TV Blog
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