Gay jokes with friends. Part II

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by youngthirdleg, Jun 10, 2006.

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    Mar 30, 2006
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    Hey dudes, I might as well give an update on the situation.

    It's been about 2 months since i started the last thread. My first mate who has a girlfriend and my second mate without have got even further in our 'gay jokingly' ways. It's become tradition now to go to my first mates house every friday night. We get pissed and start looking at straight porn just for a laugh on the internet, as the night goes on my first mate always tries to make out with me. I know i'm bisexual, i'm closested but there is always something inside me that says I don't want to go anywhere with it, whenever I back off from him, he always laughs it off and says 'Why didn't you make out with me!'. I'm a not very serious person myself so just say 'cos im not gay you queer!'.

    One week, the three of us decided to strip down to nothing. It was kinda funny with the three of us being all naked, but for me it was getting rather arrousing, i decided to steal my first mates boxers for a laugh and he chased after me and got me on the floor and started slapping, YES SLAPPING, his dick against my face in order to try and get me to give them back. Later on he grabbed hold of my soft dick and pulled it real hard.

    In the morning we just laughed about the situation. A week later this same mate had convinced a girl that I was this really cool bloke and that I was in desperate need of a girlfriend (which i am) She thought I was hot so agreed to meet me and him and his house. We got talking and my mate told the girl, 'my friend's got a big dick, ya know!' then he reached for my jeans and unzipped them, took my dick out and shook it around in front of her. I wasn't that bothered him touching it and cared not so much as i kinda wanted her to see it. I told my mate to leave the room and this girl and I got it on in his bedroom.

    I don't fancy the bloke, he's a complete twat at times, but he can be really attractive and sometimes I think horny when he 'pretends' to chat me up. The big but is that he is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend and denies full heartedly that he is bisexual or gay.

    It would probably be left to say he is bisexual, but from many of your posts before it says many young men have needs to expose and compare in a non sexual manner, although i think this might be too far. At the moment i definetly know I want to be straight, i really dig chicks but there is still that side to me that finds men attractive, I have no intention in coming out, I always hold myself back when my mate jokingly comes onto me so know that's not what i want. Although if the jokes do eventually turn sexual desires, my shell might crack and I most probably would do it with him. But right now i'm happy being straight and not having to worry about the many complication being bisexual brings.
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    I knew someone that was kind of like that...only verbally and it turned out he was closeted gay...but he never touched me like that lol...thats just a bit much imo
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