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    Gday- very pleased to find a place where alll guys regardless of orientation can talk about those few inches (or many inches) that really matter to them- and the ladies are part of it too.

    In my younger days out bush I mixed with a wide range of fellas and there were always a few- usually str8 who were up for a discussion about penis matters. these days I work with a much smaller group of people and that opportunity has long gone.

    however new doors have opened with cyber- and I reckon this spot is just great. For the record I am about 6.5"- semicut (passes for a short foreskin actually on casual viewing)- I didn't realise until I started getting comments on webcam and from a few contacts that my penis is actually fairly thick.

    Vague memories of my late teens and early twenties seem to tell me it was closer 7.5" until I grew a pad of pubic fat- and therein is material for an argument already lol.

    take care - looking forward to some great discussions and maybe meeting one or two folks possibly.

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