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    Okay, this has potential to be a very long post, so don't say I haven't warned you. =] I put this in the 'Healthy Penis' section, sorry if it's wrong. I figured it was the closest one to health of all the forums. :p

    I was watching 'Warehouse 13' (New favourite show!) yesterday and I realized that I need to get in shape. 'Pete' (Eddie McClintock) had his shirt off at one point and I realized that he had a decent body. [Pics attached] I'm not going to say that his stomach is rock solid or anything (lol) but he has great pecs and pretty nice arms. I happen to be an almost scrawny 18-year old that has never actually worked out in my life. I don't want to be like machohuge to where I can't touch my arms to my sides, but I'd like to get some build. Mainly pecs/arms. I'm not too concerned about my legs; I've sort of always had pretty strong legs; should be easy to keep up.

    Now, a little bio :p I don't think I'm super-scrawny, I think I'm on the upperside of just average. High metabolism and good genes, etc, but you can only get so far with that. I basically live on the computer and eat horribly - I usually find it shocking that I'm not dead haha. I don't eat much, I don't know if its because I don't need it or what - if I start to build up muscle, will I start to eat more? I have female friends that eat more than I. I drink a lot of pop (caffiene addiction) - been trying to cut back, I know it's sorta bad for me.

    Is there any generic plan that I can start on until I get to college this fall where they have a great rec/workout place? You can get a personal trainer for like $17 a session, so I might do that. I just want to look good when I go swimming or wear a tight shirt (or in bed ... :) haha)

    I tend to eat just whatever I can find, nothing usually that healthy. And I have a multivitamin that I take sometimes. I'm not a big fan of supplements, but if there's something that can help a lot I suppose I'll do it.

    Also, I don't have much of a desire to go to a gym or whatnot, but I have some old weights that I might be able to use. I was hoping to find more things like pushups and crunches, maybe some of those things that you can do anywhere. Until I get to college this fall (Like a month), at least.

    I just don't know how much of what. Quite literally. Like, what to eat, and how much/what exercises to do and how many reps, etc. I was hoping there was maybe an online guide but I didn't find anything that was that helpful, so maybe someone here knows of something (or can be nice and write me a quickstart lol)



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    Wow, much to do then. Well, the best you can do is go to a gym and they will help you. They also know what is good for eating and so, so ask, always ask things and they will help. They will build up your exercises and cardio. You gave a good idea about what you eat and do. Tell that too in the gym. Good luck man.
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    I could write a rather lengthy response, however, it's perhaps best that you just visit: and - The Future Of Bodybuilding! Huge Bodybuilding Site.. They're two of my favorite sites with all the information that you could possibly want. In addition to being a real gym rat, I have a rigorous meal plan of 6 small meals per day (at least 3 of those are protein shakes and include my pre-work shake).
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    OK. while you're young your fast growing body can handle the crap and shit routine you are putting it through, but not much longer past puberty, but I think you're bright enough and interested enough in a healthy lifestyle. One that keeps you fit and alert and performing at your optimum.
    I'm 52 (and a half) and follow a way of eating that is best for most humans. If you took some humans, stuck them in a zoo, this is how you would feed them and how best to direct their physical activities for their optimum living.
    Fit For Life. Fit for Life (9780446300155): Harvey Diamond, Marilyn Diamond, Kay S. Lawerence: Books

    It's a very inexpensive book and explains everything.

    Fruit in the morning (wake-up energy food)
    Complex carbs all day (sustained energy nourishment)
    Protein in the evenings. (muscle, body repair) (bacon and eggs is for dinner!)
    I could explain the physiological and body mechanics of why, but they book does.

    I rock climb, scuba dive and work a job that keeps me on my feet all day ....luckily.
    I know many are chained to a desk and computer, which requires considerably less caloric intake than many of those cubical drones consume or think they need. They start storing it and don't then burn off the excess stored energy (fat)
    And it is FAT.

    now, put down the Coke™ and packaged snausages before you further hurt yourself, eat some fruit and vegetables and keep us all posted.

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