Genetic fem w/mosiac, hermie and fem klinfltrs

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    Though born with female klinefelters, mosacism and hermieism. All medically tested. Look this up before contacting me. I'm 99.99% female and .01% male. What this means to you is i have breasts, 38c, a micro clit/penis, no vagina, and no prostate, skin, bones, body structure and the substructure all female. sub has short blond hair, blue eyes, mannerisms, character, soft voice and skin, are all female. GOD has gifted me with a superior life, please try to be as happy as i am. I love moonlit walks to dancing on moonbeams. I love life, laughter, GOD, Country, military, animals. And helping others see the positivity of life and love. I love many things, boats to harleys, horses to sewing and sports. I read, quilt, cook, bake, clean, organized, walks, exercise, help others, and though disabled, I still love all.

    I seek One Dominant SINGLE ONLY, Openminded MALE. Straight to Bisexual, almost any age or race. Please be strong and full of life and love like me. A Non smoker is preferred as im allergic to any smoke. I'm highly sexed as should you be. If your so busy you forget what day it is, i would not be for you. I come from a large Military family myself. so Im very proud, patriotic, direct and to the point. Please be friendly, loving, and full of life. If you think these are just words, then you are not for me. "Live life like the few, with Love, Honor and Courage". Have a Gloriously Beautiful Day, smile and be happy, Paula
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