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    shooter: Richard was fascinated. His eyes were glued to their union. He had always been intrigued by the sight of an impossibly huge organ somehow penetrating the hot hole of a sexy , big titted slut, and now he had a ring side seat. It was his own organ. He not only could watch and control it but he could feel everything. Finally he had put his magically enlarged penis, the head anyway, inside his hot wife. And hot she was. He could feel her hotness radiating through the head of his oversized organ. He watched as the tight, forced penetration had caused his wife to orgasm again and in so doing had caused her now oversized clit to balloon up even larger before his eyes. He could not only see it enlarge, but he felt it as the pressure increased and she seemed to grip his overly sensitive bloated cockhead even tighter. Richard found out it was true after all, if you are endowed with a large penis, you never have to worry about a tight fuck. This was the tightest hole he had ever been in. And he knew it wasn’t so much because of his wife, it was because the genie had granted his wish and somehow, magically enlarged his genitals to twice their normal size. As he watched his wife convulse, delirious with pleasure, screaming in the throws of yet another super-strong orgasm, he slowly fed her more of his girth, slowly pushing more fat cock inside her, then slowly pulling out part way, then slowly pushing deeper until miraculously he saw Shelly had taken his whole length. It was a slow process, which took several minutes. Shelly’s orgasm took almost as long. Richard’s eyes were glued the whole time on her expanding clit, which now had grown to an obscene size and was pressing against the top of his hot, thick shaft.
    “Oh, God, Richard, I’m going to cum Again!”
    “No! not yet”, Richard commanded.
    <Yes Master>
    “I don’t want my wife to climax again until I say so&#33; Make it so&#33;”
    As always, the power complied.
    <Yes Master>
    Shelly had been right on the verge of another super orgasm but this instead of intensifying into a full blown orgasm, she just floated on the verge. They both caught their breaths and Richard began to fuck his wife with his large organ. Shelly slowly adjusted to his size and began to loosen up just a bit. The feelings of that huge thing deep inside her, probing her insides where she had never had anything before, was driving her almost insane, but incredibly as she adjusted to his size, she found herself wanting even more.
    “God, honey&#33; You’re so big&#33; I can feel you deep inside me. And your so thick. I can feel you stretching me&#33;”
    “Yeah, you feel so tight&#33;” he answered.
    “Honey’” Shelly said amist the grunts and sounds of copulating.
    “Yeah, babe”
    “Make it bigger. I want to feel it get bigger inside me.”
    Richard stopped for a minute and looked his wife incredulously.
    God, she looked hot. Her face was flushed, her hair was all over the place, her checks and lips were bright red. Her whole system seemed to be in high gear, jacked up for sex, sex and more sex. She, rightly so, looked like a young girl who just discovered she liked being fucked by her first big one and wanted an even bigger one next time. A shiver went through him. “Wow,” he thought to himself. “She wants my penis to grow even larger. He looked down at his wrist-thick shaft stretching his wife’s cunt lips. What would that feel like, now that its inside her?”
    He did feel like he had to be careful. He didn’t want to hurt her.
    She seemed to read his thoughts. “Come on honey. Just a little bigger, I can handled it. I want to feel it grow. Have the genie make it get longer and really, really fat.”
    What an amazing hot babe, he thought.
    “OK” he said. Just the thought made him want to shoot off deep inside her.
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    nice story, Shooter. More, more......
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    UPDATE&#33; It&#39;s been months...
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    Keep us... I mean it cumming dude lol.
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