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    Hi all,

    I feel kinda terrible bringing this up but thought I might get some thoughts/feedback.

    I have been seeing a girl for a couple of months now and each time we have sex she is very conscious of not showing her genital area to me. Being male and very visual I have done my best to cop a glance and when I have done so noticed 5-10 very visible ingrown hair type pimples around her pubic hair.

    Now I assume this is the reason she tries to keep covered up which I totally understand, however I am not sure whether to breach the topic or not in fear of offending/embarassing her and potentially making the problem worse.

    To me the great thing about being intimate with someone is to let go of all inhibitions and insecurities which she abviously is having difficult with. I would love nothing more than to please her orally but in the 10 or so times we have had sex I am yet to see her vagina (but certainly touched). I'm not particularly turned off but these 'spots' but I am thinking if I could just clarify with her what they in fact are and get it out in the open it would make sex much better and uninhibited.

    So I guess I am asking, is it wise to bring up this issue with her? And are spots/ingrown hairs of this nature common for women? Or could it be something else?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    PS it's not an STD/STI!
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    Pimples and ingrown hairs do happen on occasion (or at least they do to me), and some people have more sensitive skin than others which could increase the frequency. I'm guessing she would be extremely embarrassed if you brought this up, BUT I also think I would help to clear the air a little. Once she knows you've seen them, I'm thinking she'll be less likely to hide them.

    Her shyness may not be related to the pimples though - she may just be shy and/or not into oral.
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