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    Mrtryst: I’m new to the group, but thought that I’d introduce myself with a true story of my wife’s trysts.

    The following are a group of three experiences that my wife had before we were married.
    She’s German and I met and married her in Germany, while I was in the service. She is a scorpio, 5’7”, brunette, slim, b cup, with a body that today rivals that of 25 yr olds. No exaggeration here!

    My wife is NOT a size queen, however as she has gotten older she prefers a man with a larger than average dick (6”-7” being average). She has had a few large dicks in her past though.

    She has slept with approx. 45 guys in her 36 years. Of those 45 she said that 3 deserved special mention. Her first boyfriend, "Gerd" who she lost her virginity to had a very thick 9.5" or 23.75cm dick she never could explain the width, only that it was really thick. When she was 14, they met at his parents apartment every Tuesday after school and had sex for 2-3 hours. After these sessions she said that she was only mildly sore although this was her first experience with having sex. She said Gerd took a long time to warm her up so that she could handle him. She said that it was never easy when he entered her. She also said that he never loosened her up as many have said large cocks do. She did say that after Gerd, that doing it with other boys did lack that full feeling that Gerd gave her. She also said that the position that she disliked most with him was doggie style as this gave him to much control and he would thrust a little to deep into her. She did this for about a year and half until he found another virgin, as he was fond of them.

    Another man, “Carlo” she met while dancing in May of 1986 with her mother and grandmom. He was about the same height as her (approx. 5’7”) and a typical dark Italian. He went to their table and asked if he could have this dance. She said yes and they danced almost for the whole time they were there. She said that while they were dancing she could feel that he was really large because he pressed up so closely to her. This is in Gemany and they waltzed and so forth, not the normal stand at arms length and shake your booty.

    As she left he gave her his number, and she thought that it would be the last time that she would see him. However, after she got home she undressed and slipped into her white stripped cotton nightgown. She was fixing herself something to drink when there was a knock on the door. She opened it and there he was, Carlo from the dancehall. She invited him in but had no intention (honestly) of doing anything with him. He said that he followed her home in a taxi and then went to the store and bought a bottle of wine.

    After having a glass of wine with him, she went to the bathroom. She came out and Carlo had lit all of her candles and turned down the lights. As she entered the room he pulled her close, began kissing her and slowly lifted her nightgown. He pulled her panties down and they spun around and he laid her on her bed. As she laid there with her gown above her waist, he stood over her and pulled off his shirt. She said he then opened his pants and slid them down to the floor. Because he wasn’t wearing any underwear, when his pants slid down his cock sprang out. She said that it was the only time that she was truly worried that his cock was going to be to big.

    She was 19 at the time and had a few drinks in her which made it a bit easier for her. She said that had she been sober, that this encounter would have never happened. He took both of her ankles with his hands and spread her legs as far as they could go. Apparently foreplay wasn’t nessecary because put the head of his dick quickly inside her. Initially she was really worried when she felt him push it in so quickly. She said that he was holding ankles really hard and she said she felt a bit helpless, which also turned her on. He then pulled his dick out again and then rubbed the entire length of his shaft over her clit. She grabbed it and even today she still says it felt like a can of Coke. He pulled away from her and pushed it back in a bit further this time. He slowly started to push in-out of her, pushing more of himself inside with each stroke. Funny thing she said to was that she remember controlling her breathing as he was doing it to her. She didn’t mind doing it doggie style with him though as he was more controlled than Gerd was. They screwed until about 3am, then fell asleep.

    They woke up at 6 and I guess he didn’t get enough because as they were at the door saying goodbye he closed the door behind him and pushed her up against the wall. He dropped his pants and lifted up her nightgown again while lifting one of her legs to her chest. He pushed into her already completely wet and sore pussy and pushed deeply inside her. Manuela said that he fucked her like a rabbit and she moved and pressed her hips against him to get him to come faster. After he pulled out he asked her to clean him off, which she did(but doesn’t like to do to this day).

    She said that she was really sore after Carlo and had a difficult time sitting for 2 days after. The next day Carlo returned to her apartment with a “Fur in hand.” Fortunatly, she told me that she had met another guy at the “Spring Fest” and wouldn’t allow Carlo inside as he was laying in bed naked and waiting for her.

    Needless to say Carlo left.

    The third was a black guy who she was with just before we met. His name was J., and she said he was 9+ inches and very thick. She said she knows this exactly because she had him measure it for her. She thought that it looked much bigger than it actually was though. Carlo was by far bigger. After they screwed a few times she asked him to measure it because she had to know how big it was. She said that after their first night of sex she saw it flaccid after sex when he was coming out of the bathroom and couldn’t believe that he had put that in her.

    She met him in a bar after having a few to many drinks and took him home with her. Because it was dark she never saw it coming. Besides just having sex with him, she said that she remembers having her breathe taken away when he entered and pushed his dick deep inside her.

    She also told me that they would go out dancing and he would introduce her to his friends at the clubs. She was introduced to his friend Sugar Ray at a club called AT, pronounced AHHHH-TEEEEE. I’ll share that story later if you’d like. She said that many of them would try or actually finger her as they were sitting in the booths or on the way to the bathrooms there.

    After getting back home from the club, J would usually walk her over to the bed, bend her over and push all the in. She said that she was usually so excited that they didn’t need any foreplay. Usually that didn’t last for long as he would blow his load pretty quickly.

    They would wake up the following morning and he would screw he a little more vigorously. In fact he broke the slats in her bed three or four times. He was pretty tall and would be in push up position with her ankles on her shoulders, and without touching his knees to the bed thrust as hard and deeply as he could.

    She told me that after a night with J that sitting at work could pretty uncomfortable, but she never complained. She always told me this additional stuff because that’s what she remembers.

    I hoped you like me recalling all that she has told me about her past, I have. She’s a very sexual woman, although you would never guess it if you met her. You would absolutely not know that she’s had such a variety of men or screwed as much as she has. The above stories were all true and my favorites that she’s told me. There are others, as I enjoy recalling them from memory.

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