gettin fishy

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    Had a great view this AM:cool:. I was sitting lakeside watching some fishing boats with a spotting scope when I noticed a boat with a cute blonde girl and a young guy fishing. She was doing most of the fishing and he was busy messing with something in his lap - As it turned out I figured out that he was jacking or something near that. She caught a fish and he helped her net it in. The they hung out a bit and boredom (horniness) set back in and he returned to working on his lap again. She came over and sat on his lap a few times and ground around a bit. Then I think when the guy was really primed so she adjusted her baithing suit and kind of squatted over him and they had a good fuck session in the middle of the lake. I could barely contain my own woody. Ahh, the like side views. Didn't ever see him catch a fish but he sure got some!
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