Getting Drunk Is The Worst...

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    I'm really not a drinker...and definitely not a partier. I drink once every three blue moons...if that.

    ...but it just so happens that while at a cast party, last night that my ex-girlfriend is there and we start talking. By this time, the truth serum is definitely well integrated into my body's system.

    So we had a conversation about how I like to speak in other languages and she was complaining about how I always spoke to her in Japanese and now I speak Spanish all the time. Well she started speaking French and I was like "Well, what the hell does that mean?" and she was like "You'll never know because you wont ever tell me anything!"

    So I have the dumb idea to tell her, "What I used to say to you in Japanese was 'ai shiteru' means 'I love you'."

    And she kinda just drops her jaw and then says that what she said in French was "My heart and my love will always belong to you."


    So then I kinda walk away and attempt to take my mind off of the conversation by mingling with the rest of the crowd. And after about an hour I get ready to leave the party and she pulls me aside and tells me that she still wanted to be with me and she feels like I was trying to hurt her cause she "threw herself at me" and I kept pushing her away and now she finds out that I really did like her and she's with someone else and now she doesn't know what she's gonna do.

    So I kinda feel low right now. Really low. I mean, I have a big problem with saying how I truely feel at times and emotions and relationships tend to be very confusing to me. I typically don't say "how I feel" unless, I'm drunk...tends to be the only time I let my emotions run wild. On top of that, I after being around her for a while afterwards and talking about things, I found that I really didn't want to be with her. We clash on so many levels, it's not funny. And there's another girl I'm interested in right now. So....

    Well, now I'm reminded why I don't drink and why I probably will never take to the bottle again...for a very long while. Emotions are too much trouble.

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