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    OK clearly my first post didn't go to well, so I thought maybe I'd try again but just give you the good parts.

    Bruce went to the bathroom door and pulled the latch to lock it. He turned and walked toward me, not stopping until we were slobbing each other down.
    His hands began to glide all over my ass, cupping and kneading each cheek until they were almost numb. He slipped his hands down in my swimming trunks and gave his gropes a more personal touch. I'd never had anybody touch my ass, at least not like Bruce was. He slid his middle finger up and down the crack of my ass, pressing ever so slightly against my hole each time. I almost bit Bruce's tongue when his finger slid up inside me. The sensation his finger created made my dick throb with a new and different kind of pleasure.
    "Damn, kid. That ass is so fucking tight."
    I was so caught up in the back and forth motion of his finger I couldn’t respond. He was finger fucking me so good, the initial pain in my ass gave way to waves of delight.
    Bruce withdrew his finger and guided me over to the sink. He bent me over and dropped to his knees, burying his mouth on my fleshy ass cheeks as he sucked and bit at them. When his tongue began to slide down my crack as his finger had done, I cried out. I found myself moaning when the pointy tip of his tongue found my hole. Bruce stabbed at my opening, each flick and lick sending my raging hard dick bouncing off my navel. I was shivering and shaking, marveling at the incredible pleasure Bruce's mouth gave.
    “Ummmmm. Yeah, kid. This ass taste good.”
    Bruce was alternating between using his finger and his tongue. I soon felt three of his fingers shoving inside. I could feel myself opening, expanding, becoming a bigger and bigger hole, begging to be filled. I hadn't really considered that Bruce and I would fuck, but the way he was shoving his fingers up my ass made that occurrence inevitable.
    Before that happened, I wanted to get a taste of Bruce's dick. I raised up, and our positions reversed; Bruce sat on the edge of the sink and I dropped to my knees, taking his slippery, shiny dick between my lips. In the heat of the moment, I bit off more than I could chew, so to speak, when I attempted to swallow his huge dick whole. His size made me gag and retreat. I took it more slowly, building suction on the shaft, teasing the mushroom-shaped head before devouring his double-digit inches, one by one, down my throat.
    “That's it!” Bruce yelled, yanking himself out of my mouth. “Turn that ass over, kid, cause I'm about to tear it up.”
    Bruce and I switched positions, forcing me to lean over the sink again. Bruce instructed me to pull my cheeks apart. I closed my eyes as he applied his rubber. He then performed a cock tease, sliding his sheathed dick up and down my crack. I felt the tip of his dick against my asshole, and as he pushed forward, the pain increased ten-fold. “Yo, kid. Relax. Push out, aight?” he said.
    When I did as he asked, something gave way. A rush of fire lit up my entire ass as the first several inches of Bruce's 11 inch dick slid up into me I screamed, tried to pull away to prevent him from penetrating me further, Bruce gripped my hips and kept us hooked together. He kept insisting that the torturous pain would subside, but when? If this was what it felt like to get fucked, I wanted no part.
    After a few minutes, Bruce eased back and slid inside again, rotating his hips in the process. Little did I know, with each movement, Bruce's dick was sliding deeper and deeper. The pain dulled and in its place came an odd but sensitive tingle It was that feeling that made me realize Bruce's entire dick was wedged up my ass. I gave into the feeling, and Bruce took control. Involuntarily, my ass tightened around his dick. Bruce cried out. He sped up. His thrusts became animated, with lots of hip rolling and grinding as he laid that pipe. I heard myself moaning, and because of the echo in the restroom, my sounds of pleasure filled the room like background music.
    Bruce tried to quiet me, but I couldn't hold back. Without withdrawing from inside me, Bruce moved us over to the hand dryers and turned on a couple of machines on in an attempt to drown out my noise.
    We ended up in front of the urinals, where Bruce really began to treat my ass right. Gripping my shoulders, he forced me down on his dick further while at the same time slamming himself into me with the deep, long-dicking precision of a seasoned porn star.
    “Tighten that ass, kid! Oh yeah! Again! Umm. Do it.”
    Each time I squeezed my ass muscles, my own dick began to harden, multiplying my pleasure and Bruce's, who went berserk, pile driving into me without stop. The force of his dick found a pleasure spot deep inside me, causing me to shiver. As he continued to hit that spot, my dick swelled and leaked fluid all over the floor. Without warning, I erupted. Bruce's pumping in my ass forced me to spew glob after glob of thick cum into the urinal. My orgasm was full body; the tingling in my dick radiated from a delirious itch in my ass and set off shivers and goose flesh from my scalp to my toes, which to my surprise, did indeed curl.
    Bruce continued to lunge inside of me as he rushed to his own release. After a few minutes, he pulled out, tossed the condom off and shot his load through my opened legs into the urinal. He came like a fountain, steady streams of white fluid arcing out of his dick and joining mine at the bottom of the urinal. Instinctively, Bruce flushed it. The cascading water sloshed onto the floor, and we both backed away. I stumbled against him.
    When we looked at each other, words were unnecessary. Neither of us needed to state the obvious. This “sexperience”--my first with dude--was damn good. The initial pain was well worth the end result.

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