Gigolo to a rich woman (continued from 9/13/2010

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    Shortly before I left Zurich, Madame X threw a party. She invited all her former gigolos -- there were six -- along with Bruno and me. She also asked her ex-husband, the banker, to come by. It was a warm evening, and we quickly consumed two bottles of wine by the pool. Madame had a cock-hungry look in her eyes as she sipped her Beaujolais and stroked the growing bulges between the legs of her six well-hung studs. At the same time, her ex-hubby, who was clearly a voyeur, leaned back in his chair and studied studied the scene with an intent look.

    Madame then ordered us to strip, which we did eagerly. She demanded a gang bang in front of her husband -- a command we were happy to obey. She snapped her fingers, paring me with with a beefy black guy who was all shining black muscles - Cedric, who came from the Caribbean. He lay back on the lounge chair, his extremely thick, ten-inch, heavily-veined chocolate cock inflating from the flaccid to the erect, as all of us men watched in admiration and envy, and Madame leered in sexual desire.

    She threw off her frock, revealing her garter belt, stockings - and no panties. Straddling the lounge chair, she slowly guided Cedric's cock into her snatch. After a dozen strokes, her pussy juice streamed down his cock, she motioned for me to stand astride the lounge chair and mount her. I grabbed my erect penis and slowly fed it into her pudenda, sliding with the help of her copious pussy juice over Cedric's big cock. We were now both inside her vagina, rhythmically giving her long strokes, our cocks like alternating pistons, rubbing together in her warm, soft wetness.

    Her other lovers were like her husband, eyes fixed on our performance and holding their swollen cocks. That was almost the best part: it wasn't just that I was fucking a pussy; not even that I was sliding my cock against a huge black dick and fulfilling my erotic love of the male phallus. The best part was that I was intently watched by a sexually aroused audience.

    Having got in the groove, I was rocked by the pleasure of pleasuring a woman, pleasuring a man, and pleasuring an audience -- being the exhibitionist that I was. Within minutes, I shuddered and came hard in her pussy. Exhausted, but still enjoying the warm wetness, I stayed inside her. Within a couple of minutes, Cedric's mighty black rod drenched her snatch with a geyser of cum. Our slowly relaxing cocks lingered a while in Madame's glory hole; when we withdrew them, she had a cream pie of our mingled sperm glistening on and in her crack.

    Reluctantly, we disentangled our bodies, and two by two, the next crew repeated the performance on Madame, adding a torrent of jism to her vagina. Then the third team took over, double fucked her vagina, and shot their loads of sperm into her pussy. Then the fourth duo. Each time two studs came, they would slowly pull their cocks out of her vagina and leave a warm, wet souvenir of their sexual passion. This continued until each of us had cum twice in her hole. By that point we were finished, in all senses of the term.

    But Madame X was not finished with her pleasure, nor her desire to ritually humiliate her ex-husband. She motioned to him, and he obligingly lay on his back on the lounge chair. Eagerly, she straddled his face with her legs. Then he enthusiastically lapped up fourteen loads of man juice as it slowly dripped from her vagina.

    Her pussy having been licked clean, she quickly arose, dressed, and with a business-like air, told her ex-husband to show proper appreciation to her gentleman guests for such a pleasant evening.

    Each of us left with a 500 franc note.

    In future years, I often thought of Madame X, how much she appreciated my natural endowment, how she taught me to fuck in a threesome without the homosexual panic that some men have of being involved in a sexual situation with other males, and how her peculiar tastes led me to be natural and uninhibited when fucking in front of an audience.

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    I read the other parts before and this is no exception very well writen just as before
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