Girlfriend didn't mention my size until now! She thinks I'm HUGE!!

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by dongalong, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I've been with my long distance girlfriend for over a year now, we usually only see each other during holidays so we've only spent around 6 weeks physically together over all.
    When we first had sex, she felt a little discomfort when I was penetrating however she behaved in a way that made me think that she must be used to cocks my size.
    Most previous lovers called me big but there was no mention of my size by her until the last time we met.

    She confessed that she thinks I'm huge, that she was surprised and so happy when she first saw it, that she had never had such pleasure before and that she was lucky to find someone like me etc etc. Now she is behaving like a true size queen, asking me for deep penetration and trying her best to deepthroat me.
    It felt good to hear all that but I wondered why she didn't mention it before.
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    my last girlfriend didn't mention it, but i ended up hooking up with another girl during a 'break' and when she saw it she said 'thank god your big' - i said, 'it's ok' - she said 'your joking right?' rather than get into that, i just said 'yeah' ... when i was trying to get inside she ended up pushing me out and we broke 2 condoms... it wasn't until the next time we met that we really fucked, a few times a day. when she left a week later she said 'thanks for bruising my cervix' - which could go either way :p

    my ex was cold fish in comparison. i need to change my habits and find some kinky chick to see regularly
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