Girlfriend lying about size?

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by LemacST, May 14, 2007.

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    I talked to my buddy tonight and we talked about all sorts of things--size came up. Recently this girl I was somewhat "seeing" told me that the guy she lost her virginity to was very big, the second guy was extremely small, etc. Basically kiss-and-telling. Around the same time she was telling me all of this (well, not directly me, a small group of our friends), I was going through a very intense time where I felt uncomfortable with my average size and her in-depth criticism towards the guys she's been with (only three) wasn't helping. She talked about how she liked big dicks, like the guy she lost her virginity to. A thing I don't understand though is that because of this recent religious epiphany she had, she claims that she does not want to have sex until marriage (yet she still lusts for huge cocks? I don't get it...)
    I'm getting a little off track here. Anyways, I told him about all of that and he said "That's funny, she told us (the guy she lost her virginity to) that he was small" a couple of years ago, after they broke up.
    Why do girls lie about this?
    Another example is my ex girlfriend in high school. It's kind of a strange situation, but we started dating when she was temporarily living in another state--it was a long-distance relationship. At this point we have only kissed, after getting a bit sexual on the phone, she bashfully asked me the size question--"Um I 6? 6 1/2?" I answered honestly. She accepted it and we moved on to another topic, days later she told me that she looked at that size on a ruler and thought it was a pretty good size. Around this time of my life I didn't give a shit about my size (hopefully I can change it back to that) so I was like alright cool. She finally moved back to my town, we had sex and after dating for a bit, a couple of girls approached me implying or flat out telling me that they heard I was "kinda big". Obviously my girlfriend told her friends that, more than once too because the girls that brought it up were from different cliques/sects. At first I was flattered but after I realized that because of this I might have to live up to a false reputation. I was living a lie! Well, my penis was at least. By the way, girth had nothing to do with it either because I'm average in that department as well.
    Why do girls lie about this? Is it just a status thing? Do heartbroken girls really continue the "oh he has a small dick" thing after high school? I really hope to not have to deal with such shallow, gossiping savages ever again...
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    I doubt that you are the only one who has ever felt this way young man...

    The "bigger guy" theory is typically used as a weapon by girls, but not always with vile intentions.

    You see, by her bringing up the "Phantom Cock" is intended to bait you in a variety of ways.

    1) Establishing or discovering jealousy in a man they truly like.

    2) The abstract idea she gives you, creates the proverbial "carrot on a stick and your the donkey" mentality. She wants you to CHASE her warm affections. She wants you to try to CATCH UP. You become the tiger jumping thru the flaming hoop for her amuzement. It doesn't matter whether the "bigger cock" was true or a lie. It still makes you react the same.

    You may be her biggest. You may not. What's important, is that you establish your self-esteem, and avoid allowing her (or any girl) to mess with your head.

    Any chick that willfully disregards your feelings, in order to achieve a petty, lame response out of you, needs to be shown the door. Immediately.

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    This all boils down to you all needing more maturity. I don`t mean this in a nasty way at all, because gaining maturity is part of lifes experience, and you don`t want to miss out on living.

    Girls and guys will make these comments, In your case it is ones about penis size that get to you, to others it might be other things that get to them. The comments may continue to be made, some may be joking when they make them others may be serious, but the way in which you deal with them will change. As you become more confident in yourself you will expect people to accept you for what you are, not how you compare to others, and not what others say you might be. We all have insecurities, but over the years we learn to overcome them and that they arn`t such a big deal after all. When we are young we might want to play on others insecurities to hide our own, but then realise life don`t work that way.
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    Don't ever listen too seriously to anything anyone says about penis size unless
    A) It's a problem, like the members of this board have and need support for.
    B) They're currently involved with you and they raise it in a serious way.
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    I understand where you're coming from dude. I was going to start a threat about this too but hadn't got round to it yet. I think Omahabeef gave a pretty good explanation. The same kind of thing has happened to me.

    1) A woman told me "my bf is 10.5" so unless a guy is at least that big, what's the point?". To cut a long story short I later saw her bf naked and it was above average but definitely not 10.5 . This raises the question of why she lied to me. My guess is that she has a low self-esteem and was trying to gain "status" by telling me that.

    2) Some other chick said something to the affect of (if you summarise the info she gave)

    her: "i've been with 7 guys, my ex-bf was 8.75....the biggest ive had was 10.5"

    me: right...

    her: size doesnt matter to some it doesn't matter to my sister..but it matters to me *pauses like she's waiting for me to say something*

    me: ok, have you ever been with a guy less that 6" ?

    her: no *shakes head*

    Moral of the second story...6 inches is around average. If you take a random sample of 7 guys, what's the probablility on a normal curve that all 7 happened to be above average? Pretty low. Anyone want me to do the calculations? Secondly, 10+ inches is not even close to as common as they seem to think it is.

    My guess is that these guys lied to her about their size and she was dumb enough to believe them.

    3) I'm with some fat chick who's reading these 'adds' these guys have put up and she says to me

    her: most guys are saying they're 8", that must be about average?

    me: (wondering if she actually believes they're all telling the truth?) No, the average is 6",,,guys have been known to lie about penis size before. Anything below 6" is below average.

    her: below 6" is that even possible?

    me: yes, its possible, its about 50% of the population + or - a standard error of around 3%

    Then she asks me how big i am..i exaggerate but 3/4 of an inch just to see what she says and she believes me. My guess is that she hadn't been near a ruler recently. She was the biggest slut so i'm sure she would have seen enough.

    Anyway, this brings me to my point that you may have been big relative to other guys with a 6 or 6.5 she'd seen who added another inch onto it when they told her the size.


    she was making herself look good to her friends cause she fucked the 'big dicked boy'
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