Glans or penis rings all day wear?

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    I am unfamiliar with all this and I understand part of the purpose of the cock rings is to keep the penis full.

    I have seen these SS rings right behind the head and so on and was wondering about them.

    I would like something heavy like that to wear all day long that would pull down on my penis and keep it fuller during the day and just the feel of the weight. Is that what these are for or is not is there something like what I describe that is safe?

    I assume you would want a smaller one and put it over when flaccid and squeeze the head thru in order to keep it from falling off. Mine can really retract when soft so would this keep me big enough to hold it on?

    Thanks for any input.
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    I wear a steel glans ring most days in order to help make my foreskin stay retracted, though I remove it at night. It is not tight enough to restrict blood flow - my glans has expanded, but that may just be the result of keeping it uncovered.

    You need to choose a ring that fits snugly over your shaft when soft. The rim of the glans should keep it in place. It looks from your pic like you are circumcised, and have a prominent rim, so that should be no problem! You do need to squeeze the head through, as it is bigger than the ring - sometimes a little lube helps.

    Hope this is some use!
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