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    currently valencia venezuela
    I would like to know if a head penis glan of 2 inches(5 cms) lenght can be considered a regular big glan .
    And if its comun glans lenght over such size of 2 inches
    Many porn actors have this size of 2 inches ,because his whole penis is about 4 times the head lenght (sound be 8 inches whole penis lenght) ,
    Its right ??
    The true its they used measure 4 glans ,but if it is of 4 cms gland lenght (1,6 inches ) are smaller than 8 inches whole rigid lenght
    So the problem should be is if it is a good method say my penis is 4 times glans or 3 or 5 ectc.. .Seem it isenĀ“t a good measure sistem ??
    Also glans lenght can make a penis seem smaller when it is almost all a head with out body .
    Other cuestion is a big head can cause premature eyaculation easily than smaller one head .
    And the other is as example what its better a big head or a long penis .
    In such caculation a regular small penis of 5, 5 inches length is only one head smaller than one regular big of 8 "rigid lenght ,so head should be of some importance ????
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