Going Down the Energy Well pt. 1 (M/F Oral)

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    Half this story is vaguely true...


    Case Western Reserve University is a high-priced private re-
    search school in Cleveland. In many ways, being over half en-
    gineering and science oriented, it's a meat grinding hell hole.
    Classes are horrible, and the social opportunities are worse. Three
    men for every two women students, counting the much better balanced
    medical, law, and mostly female nursing schools. The average
    science guy rarely has any contact with any of them.

    Being a physicist, I had it worse than most. At Case there are
    a number of women chemists and chemical engineers, and the bio-
    logical science classes are probably about 50/50. But in the rare-
    fied air of the advanced physics classes one finds at most four
    women out of a couple dozen students. At least one of those is
    often a married graduate student who doesn't speak english. Given
    that and the prodigious loads of homework, getting out isn't usually
    an option and a healthy, horny male faces forbidding odds.
    I came back after nine months away from school to a different
    set of classmates than before. The physics curriculum is pretty
    linear so one stays with much the same group of people all the way
    through. Unless one is in danger of flunking out and has to take
    some time off in order to get his mind right. *ahem*

    I wandered into the first day of PHYS 311, Classical Mechanics
    and saw the typical class of junior Case physics students. Eighteen
    men, three women. One of them was chatting along with the geekiest
    group of guys and really didn't look or sound much different from
    them. Another had a _huge_ diamond on her left hand, and was not
    exacly 1995 Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy anyway. But over
    toward the corner sat a tall, Irish-looking red haired woman who
    looked alienated from the others and especially alienated from the
    smarmy french guy next to her. Evidently the sneer is not a widely
    used facial expression in France or he might have realized that he
    was laying it on just a little thick.

    I sat down next to her, but I couldn't think of a thing to say.
    Then I noticed she was trying to read from a paper called "Beni-
    ficence and Self-Love: A Kantian Perspective." The lady had other
    interests than Newtonian physics.

    "What do you think of the Categorical Imperitive?" I cocked my
    thumb at her reading material.

    Her nostrils widened a little and she scowled, "the whole idea
    of universal morals is bogus crap. What's right for some guy in the
    1700s can't possibly be what's right for me."

    I made a good call and decided she'd like an argument. I picked
    on her for being an ethical relativist for the few minutes before
    the lecture started. Julie seemed to genuinely prefer that I be
    confrontational--she certainly was.

    It turned out that I'd known her boyfriend for some time, though
    our previous friendship had faded. The boy was one of only a hand-
    full of people I've known who're more arrogant than me. I couldn't
    imagine what she saw in him, apart from that he knew how to dress
    himself and always had lots of booze and cigarettes.

    We became friends and began to meet and work on problem sets and
    study for exams. Jules was in another of my classes, Quantum Mech-
    anics, a badly taught excercise in higher math, so there were a lot
    of late nights in the close quarters of my little single dorm room.
    I knew she was attracted to me; she dropped subtle clues, profes-
    sing admiration of my well-devolped social skills and smiling at me
    at times for no apparent reason.

    I was attracted to her as well. She was tall, with glowing
    auburn-red hair (turned out that she dyed it, but it looked very
    good on her). She had fair skin and a mysterious deep scar on the
    back of her left hand and never wore jewelery that wasn't silver.
    Her taste in clothes ran to nouveau punk, with little hints that she
    might have a penchant for rough bedroom games.

    We were nearly through with a tricky energy well problem one
    night around 2:00 when I came back from the bathroom to find her
    leaning back in my swivel chair, feet propped on my desk, trying to
    relax a little. Our relationship had never lost that edge that
    we'd given it by starting with an argument, and we'd been having a
    testy, but not mean-spirited, exchange over the way to approach the
    problem. Deciding to call a truce, I approached her from behind and
    set my hands to work on her shoulders.

    I found some knots in the muscles and went to work. She hummed,
    almost purring, as some of the tension melted. "Is that good?" I
    asked, knowing damn well it was.

    "Mmmmm-hmmm," she stretched it out, making it sound as if she
    were enjoying something chocolate.

    I began to work my way down her back and said, "these long
    muscles down the sides of your spine are pretty tight, but they're
    stretched and hard for me to work on. Why don't you lie down for
    me." I turned and patted my bed (I said it was close quarters,
    didn't I?) invitingly.

    I straddled her and sat on her butt. Julie was solidly built,
    strong but soft. A big girl at about 5 foot 7 or 8. My knees snug
    against her sides, I got down to business. The muscles at the top
    of her back were bunched up and tense.

    She smelled a little of perfume and tobacco. I don't smoke but
    it didn't put me off. My CD changer switched to Orb's latest work,
    Orbvs Terrarvm, a classic make-out disc of ambient music with super-
    low gentle bass that washes through you like ocean waves.
    After 20 or 30 minutes, I bent down close to her neck and made a
    decision. My index finger snuck up the nape of her neck and very
    lightly played with the wispy hairs there. I was rewarded with a
    gasp as her buttocks clenched beneath my thighs and her hips
    squirmed a little. I played there awhile, knowing what a turn-on
    that ticklish little spot can be, then I moved my hands to her
    trapezius and then to her deltoids, kneading the hard muscles under
    her soft skin. I breathed softly on the back of her neck. My
    fingers roamed around to the front of her shoulders and pressed
    into her pectorals near their attatchments.


    To Be Continued

    (damn 10k post limit...)
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    Jules raised her shoulders up off the bed a little, giving me
    more room to work. I bent down still closer and blew just a little
    cool air into her ear. My fingers had reached a point where the
    flesh beneath her skin was no longer muscle. She was laying prone
    and her breasts were pushed up high on her chest. I ran my finger
    tips over the tops of them, using the fabric of her shirt to stim-
    ulate her soft skin. Her breathing grew deeper and faster.

    I moved my hands back up over her shoulders and all the way down
    to her belt line, then around the sides of her hips and up her rib
    cage, slowly. She propped herself up onto her elbows, inviting my
    hands around front to play. Feeling ornery, I brushed up until I
    found her underwires and then brought my hands around to her sides
    again, bending down to touch the tip of my tongue to her ear. She
    squirmed again, panting, and I squeezed her sides with my legs. I
    caressed her sides again and moved my hands to cup her breasts.
    Their heavy weight pressed into my hot palms and their fullness
    overflowed my fingers. I squeezed them gently and she sighed,
    sounding almost relieved.

    I nibbled at her ear and tugged lightly on her earring with my
    mouth. Her nipples hardened, and she turned over onto her back,
    still trapped between my legs. Her smoky grey eyes smoldered and
    she put her hands under my shirt, grabbing me by my sides and pul-
    ling me down to face her. Her lips parted a little in the classic
    "kiss me stupid" expression, so I did, gently at first but with
    mounting passion.

    I think my skill surprised her, because her eyes popped open for
    a moment and her hands froze, a thumb and finger tugging at my
    nipple. I pulled away a little at that but she quickly put a hand
    to the back of my head, whispering, "c'mere..." She put a lot into
    it, sucking at my bottom lip, nibbling my chin, fingers playing with
    my ear lobe and chest. When I started to unbutton her shirt,
    wanting badly to see and touch her milky soft breasts, she attacked
    my neck with remarkable vigor, licking at the sensitive skin under
    my jawline, sucking not quite hard enough to leave a mark. I got
    the impression she was holding back all the same. In spite of her
    complaints that Shawn wasn't giving her the attention and affection
    she needed (and her almost forlorn admittance that she'd been using
    me as a kind of substitute in that department), she wasn't ready to
    leave evidence of her discontent. I decided not to argue, not
    really liking to be visibly bruised the morning after.

    As I finished the last of the buttons, I stretched my legs out
    and lay beside her, our mouths locked together. I pushed her shirt
    off her shoulders and she let go of my head just long enough to help
    me get rid of mine. I nibbled a little at her breast through her
    lacy green bra until she reached behind with one hand and popped the
    clasp (how the hell do you do that?!), shrugging it off and onto the
    growing pile of clothing on the floor. I pulled her to me and raked
    my fingernails lightly up and down her spine, kissing like a sex-
    starved fool all the while. Her back arched, pressing her chest to
    mine. I sucked a bit of her neck into my mouth and strummed it a
    little with my tongue.

    I worked my way down her neck and to the nearly translucent skin
    of her chest. I was exploring, slowly licking, nibbling, sucking,
    and kissing, learning every inch of her. My right hand roamed with
    a mind of its own, my fingers barely touching her skin. Her breasts
    were young breasts, conical and firm, riding up and down with her
    every breath. I enjoyed them for a minute or three, her fingers in
    my hair.

    Wanting more from her, I kissed and licked my way down her
    belly, still kneading her breast with my hand. She seemed noncom-
    mittal, so I started back up after nibbling the edge of her belly
    button. But she made up her mind and pushed down on my head,
    whispering, "please..."

    I knelt between her legs and looked right into her eyes while I
    unbuttoned her jeans and slowly moved the zipper down. I tugged
    down at the top of them, and she obligingly lifted her hips as I
    pulled her pants and green satin panties off.

    Let it never be said that I don't know how to show a lady a good
    time. Thinking of Prince, I licked her on the knee once then
    stopped. She didn't beg, "please, please, please," but it didn't
    get to me since she didn't know the song. I licked a long lick
    right up the inside of her thigh, stopping frequently to nibble,
    zeroing in on her hot center.

    I looked up and hoarsely whispered, "I've wanted very badly to
    do this for you, Jules. I think you're going to like it. A lot."
    "Ooooohhhhhh," she breathed as I licked a zig-zag up the length
    of her lips, getting used to her taste. I liked it. I lay down
    prone between her legs, propped myself up on my elbows, and took it
    upon myself that it be my duty to make this beautiful woman come
    like she never came before.

    I spent a few minutes gently exploring her, licking at her
    thighs and belly, nibbling--oh, so softly--at her meaty outer lips.
    I licked up and down her, slowly spreading her with my tongue. She
    was very wet, and I eagerly lapped up her moisture. I worked my way
    into her, taking her smooth inner lips between mine and tugging just
    a bit. I ran my tongue lightly along her, dodging her clit for now.

    She stiffened, so I did it a couple more times before moving on, not
    wanting her to get too close to coming, or worse, to get bored.

    I pushed the tip of my tongue into her, gauging her tightness.

    My nose was right above her clitoris, so I took the opportunity to
    exhale onto it before I took a deep breath of her essence. Deciding
    the time was about right, I pursed my lips around her clitty and
    gave a little suck on it. Her fingers curled up in my hair and her
    hips rocked. I backed off, sucking on the edge of her, before get-
    ting back to that spot for another try. She was getting pretty
    close, but I wanted to prolong the buildup another minute or two.

    I took renewed interest in her inside, but remembered to rub my
    nose around her little button. Slick with her wetness, my lips
    grappled with hers as her hips rolled beneath my mouth. My neck
    was beginning to bother me, but I ignored it, thinking, "just a
    little while longer..."

    She was starting to vocalize now, and wave after wave seemed
    to run the length of her body, as her hips rocked and her back
    arched then straightened again and again. I kissed her clit, and
    took the opportunity to look up. Her belly was just slightly
    rounded, with a few soft hairs just below her belly button. Jules'
    still had her hands on top of my head, so that her firm, full
    breasts were pushed toward the center of her chest. I could just
    see the bottom of her chin between them, her heaving breasts
    rhythmically obscuring my view as she breathed.

    Her cries had been very low, but were getting louder so I
    reckoned it was time. I flicked her clit with my tongue, willing
    her to explode. And explode she did, as all of her pent-up
    frustrations with her so-called lover, her not-so-well-hidden at-
    traction for me, and a healthy measure of raw lust came pouring
    out of her in wave after wave after wave, little ones at first,
    building to a crashing crescendo. Her cries grew deeper and
    louder and longer as did her orgasm, and I was glad that I had
    thought to soundproof the room when I had louder roommates.

    She came down slowly, reluctantly. I licked and kissed at
    her until her hands pulled me gradually away. I took my place
    at her side and smiled, "will you respect me in the morning?"

    She smiled back, a contented smile like one only smiles
    after being eaten. "I think so." Her smile faded, "but I
    don't know if I can respect myself."

    I hugged her to me and stroked her hair until she fell to
    sleep beside me.
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    Very solid and I think it was well told. It was fairly quick and to the point but you made it work. Please continue....
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    Wow! Sweet William..
    An incredible story. I can't wait to see where this tender beginning goes in future chapters. Fantastic details and build up, your writing is great! When might we see more?
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