"Going Home" (gay)

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    easy_eros: Part I
    The end of November marked the end of the monsoons. The trees and shrubs,
    verdant with the last of the season's rain, rustle in the crisp cool wind. Peach
    colored blossoms on the flowering trees that we pass by are borne on the whispers
    of the chilly air. Gently they settle on the red dirt road our bus is on. With eyes half
    shut, lulled by the gentle rocking of the bus, two lovers seated besides me are half
    way into a dream but so was I... dreaming of a memory.

    It was exactly a year from now that I was on this same road and on the same bus
    headed for a picturesque fishing village that I lovingly called home. This time,
    however, I wasn't alone. I was studying in the city where all the good colleges
    were and where I met James, my roommate. He was the nicest of guys and we
    became the closest of friends over the course of a couple of semesters. This year
    he decided he wanted to get out of the city and suggested he accompany me home
    over the holiday break. I had, for the longest time, been talking about how
    beautiful my hometown was and he apparently couldn't resist. And so he took the
    seat beside the window of the bus and I that next to him. With all the passengers
    aboard, the bus began its 18 plus hour journey south. It was 9 in the evening and
    halfway through the bus ride, the only thing that kept my mind off the gurgle in my
    tummy was the drowsiness I felt. I close my eyes with my head rested on the
    seat's headrest only to open them again at the sight of dawn and with my head no
    longer where it once lay. And there, my face against the soft white cotton that
    covered James' chest, I feel his warm breath upon me. His cheeks are ruddy from
    the nights rest and his eyes stare at distant rice paddies. I, having the biggest
    crush on James, am the last person to want to part from the embrace but I did and
    did it quickly. I knew James was straight as he knew I wasn't. Afraid of reprisals I

    "hey I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

    "I know, and it's perfectly alright! What are friends for if not for make shift
    pillows!" he smiles.

    I laughed, slightly relieved. We were two hours away but the silence made it seem
    as though it was an eternity. I pretended to sleep and he pretended to read.

    The sound of the hydraulics opening the door signaled our arrival. It was eight
    thirty or so and the gurgle in my tummy was now a full roar. James on the other
    hand was writhing with the urge to relieve his full bladder. My father was faithfully
    waiting at the entrance of the bus station with his broken down jeep to take us
    home. The village where I lived was a half an hours' drive from the station. It was
    bordered by mountains and high cliffs so that you couldn't really see it until you
    made that last turn. Half an hour later the last turn was made and suddenly there it
    was just like I remembered. Beaches that went on for miles, white sands strewn
    with fishing boats and nets spread out to dry, waters so clear it reflected the sky.
    The peace of the water was only temporarily disturbed by the ripples of fallen
    fishnets after being flung into the air. My father was so much darker than I
    remembered. His strapping figure and the lines across his forehead were more
    pronounced now that he had taken on my share of the work after I left for college.
    The skin around his mouth creases deeply as he smiles to announce that lunch was
    ready. We eat, unpack, and soon the afternoon was spent.

    Dusk. The cool breeze is pulled into the warm waters of the pacific from inland and
    the silence is only broken by waves crashing against the receding shoreline. I see
    James in the distance sitting on the wet sand one feet in the water the other tucked
    under the opposite thigh. I sit by him.

    "I know why you've been silent the whole time." I say.

    "I don't think so..." upset he replies.

    "Look, I'm sorry for what happened on the bus it was an accident! Sure it was an
    accident I enjoyed but an accident nonetheless. I wasn't taking advantage of you."

    He breaks into a smile then a laugh.

    "It's not that silly" his face turns somber again "it's because I think I enjoyed it,
    maybe even wanted it. Seeing you there so peaceful against me, made me feel
    things I've never felt for another human being. I wanted to be closer than that, to
    take care of you"

    "Oh, I see... I'm sorry, it's all my fault." That is all I could say.

    "Yes, I know"

    With that he comes close and kisses me on the forehead. He stands and walks
    toward the cottage. Taking only a few steps he turns and asks "Well? Are you
    coming?" He reaches his hand out and I take it, afraid that if I didn't I would
    collapse. We held hands as we walked back to the cottage. It seemed so long, what
    was in reality only a few yards seemed miles away. I could feel my heartbeat
    quicken. My throat was dry. I was going to at last have what I coveted most.

    I draw the shades. And from behind he grabs me by the waist and carries me onto
    the bed. James, at 6'4", is 8 inches taller than me and can easily pick me up of the
    ground. Kneeling at the edge of the bed his chest is in front of me as he stands.
    Slowly I unbutton his shirt. The crest of his chest is just like I imagined it would be,
    sinews undulate and pulsate with each heave and breath. I press my cheek yet
    again and breathe in sweat and salty sea air. I gently plant kisses along the trail of
    hair that disappears into his pants. His breath shortens as I reach down into it. I
    grab hold of his fully engorge staff and he moans as if he couldn't wait any more. I
    pull it out and it sticks five inches above the waistband. It was enormous but so was
    my appetite. As I undid his pants I licked the underside of his exposed cock making
    sure that as I reached the tip I circled around the slit dribbling wet with pre-cum.
    Completely naked with an erection sticking straight out into the air he says "now
    it's your turn!" he gently lifts off my t-shirt and pulls down my shorts exposing a
    full hard-on that slaps against my belly. A surprised look overcomes his face
    followed by an unbelieving "Wow!" he looks straight into my face and says "You're
    bigger than me!!!" he kisses me and pushes me down onto the bed, but I push
    back and forcefully grab hold of his 9" dick with both hands and pump for all I'm
    worth. I too bounced on the bed as my hands went up and down his massive staff.
    His hand soon coyly positioned itself at my nape. I tried to fit what I could in my
    mouth. I told him how hot and salty his pre-cum was and how much I wanted him
    to cum all over my face. I could see he was really getting-off. His huge balls were
    now tightening any time now I new he was going to cum. I pulled my mouth away
    just in time. His face is violently red, he moans and then I feel spurts of warm
    viscous liquid flow off the side of my face and down, barely touching the opening of
    my mouth, to my chin and finally dripping to my chest. He kneels and takes his
    finger to the cleft of my collarbone scooping up whatever is left of the copious
    amount of semen running down my neck and places it squarely against my lips.
    "taste me!" he says. The fresh liquid felt warm as it slowly made its way past my
    tongue and down the back of my throat. Quickly I skipped a breath as I let his
    juices pass through me. He pulls my hair and throws my head back and proceeds
    to lap up the remainder of his seed from my neck. He then pulls me in and parts
    my lips with his cum ridden tongue. With it he manages to push more of the liquid
    down my throat. Momentarily he releases his kiss and whispers into my ears "are
    you ready for more?" I could not believe it. He was raging hard again and raring to
    go. I open my mouth as wide as I could preparing for him to enter it but he quickly
    kisses it shut and whispers "but not there?". He grins, parts my legs and shouts
    "there!!!" as he forcefully enters me. I could not help but scream. Again and again
    he pounds long and steady strokes. It felt like I was being ripped open. I was at the
    edge of tears and ecstasy. I was near the precipice and could no longer hold on.
    One last stroke and my cum was everywhere. It pooled at my stomach but didn't
    stay there long. As it started its way down the side of my torso, I felt James tongue
    take it all in. As soon as it had appeared it was gone, only trace of it were on his
    moist lips and dripping down his chin. In all this he did not stop, he kept pounding
    and pushing. The pace grew more furious with every stride. Then came the last,
    midway out he quickly wedged it farther in than he had ever. I let a scream out and
    so did he. With his eyes shut tightly, his mouth agape and his backed arched he let
    out a low groan. And then just like that I felt it, warm cum in me burning as it made
    its way out my torn opening.
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    easy_eros: Going Home (continuation)

    I am scrambling to get dressed as James sits on the edge of the bed asking for
    more. I could not believe my eyes. He had already cum twice and yet his hard on
    didn't seem to wane. As much as I wanted to continue I couldn't. I had heard my
    father call out for us from the main villa located a few yards inland from the cottage
    just as James had finished convulsing from the release his last of shots. Dinner was
    ready and I knew that if we stayed away too long my father would come over to
    get us, I couldn't risk him catching us the way we were. Frantic, I search for my
    clothes that seemed to have inexplicably disappeared! I make a mad dash for the
    cabinets and find a suitable sarong.

    I run down the steps of the stilted cottage barefoot and shaking uncontrollably! And
    just as I had reached the last step someone forcefully grabs me and pushes me
    against the wooden posts that held up the hut. James, naked and dick swaying
    hard. He raises my sarong and doesn't even undo it from my waist.

    "What the fuck are you doing?!"

    Savagely he spreads my legs and lowers me onto him. I struggle, it is painful
    and I dig my nails into his back causing him to gasp and push harder. He turns me
    around takes my hair and pushes my face against the wooden posts. Furiously he
    pounds! Short and violent! His eyes are shut tightly and his face is besides mine. I
    hear his every grunt and pant as he races on with only one goal in mind. The
    prospect of getting caught drove me wild! "Harder! Harder!" I shout as I push my
    whole weight down on his cock. He whispers obscenities into my ears and pushes
    even harder, faster! I knew he was near his point. He grabs my hand and squeezes
    hard. I could feel every muscle in his body tighten. The veins on his face become
    visible as he grinds his teeth together. The quick and short grunts turn into a long
    extended moan. With a cry he release it all inside me. The fiery liquid brings me
    completely to the edge. As soon as he withdraws from me and collapses on the
    sand I turn and feed my goliath to him. I am delirious with desire. I push it far
    down his throat and as he begins to gag as I release my own wad. He quickly removes
    my cock from his mouth half way through my shots so that some of my cum ends
    up on his face. He turns over and begins to cough up semen. I was unaware he was
    already choking. His face red, he falls flat on his back and begins to laugh,
    coughing alternately. "May be next time we should be more careful!" he smiles
    mockingly. And I, relieved, smile back.

    We missed dinner that night. We hid behind the palms that littered the beach and
    became shadows under the faint moon. The night fishermen had let out their nets
    and as James watched the dimly lit lamps reflect off the waves I set down to sleep
    in his arms.
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