Good Friends (2)

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    I heard a knock on the door. I jumped up and opened it. "Hey Dean, come in" I closed the door behind him and followed him into the lounge where we sat down waiting for the other two, Tom and Phil, to arrive. "Do you still think we should try and convince the others to get naked?" I said.

    "For sure man. Why not? They should be comfortable with themselves. Can't beleive we haven't done this before" Dean said smiling. We chatted for another ten minutes. I heard a knock on the door, Dean got up and let the other two in.

    "Hey guys" I said as they entered the room. They all sat down and I went and got some drinks from the kitchen. We sat sipping our drinks and talking for a few minutes like we normally do before our weekly movie ritual. I caught Deans eye and gave him small nod.

    "Guys" He said to Tom and Phil, "You're both comfortable with your sexuality, yeh?"

    "What sort of questions that. 'Course we are" Said Phil

    "I was just asking because I thought it would be more comfortable if we watched the movie naked" Dean said.

    "Naked?" Tom said "Why?"

    "Don't you ever sit around naked at home?" He nodded, "It's nice isn't it? So why can't we do it together? It's not gay or anything"

    "Still, it seems a bit weird" Phil replied

    "Well Me and Brad are gonna watch the movie naked, its up to you guys wether you want to join us." Dean said. I got up and put the DVD in the player, I could hear Dean unbuckling his belt behind me and dropping his pants. I turned around just as Dean was sitting back down on the couch naked. Phil and Tom hadn't moved. Phil was sitting with Dean on one couch and I was sitting with Tom on the other. I walked back to the couch, undid the buton on my trousers. I pulled the jeans down and wipped my t-shirt off. I was standing their in my boxers until I took them off and sat next to Tom.

    For the first twenty minutes of the film it remained like this, Me and Dean naked the other two not. Suddenly Tom next to me said, "Stuff this, I wanna see whats so great about bein naked with friends" He wipped off his shirt showing his nice and athletic body and through it to the side. Next he slid his shorts down from his waste and onto the floor. Now only Phil remained clothed.

    About an hour into the film Tom said, "It's pretty nice Phil, you should try it"

    "Fine" He said begrudgingly. He quickly stripped and sat back down, trying to cover his penis casually. I caught a glimpse of it and realised that it was not very big, not tiny either but bellow average.

    We all sat naked on the couches watching the film.Tom next to me was sporting a full erection and was now making little attempt to hide it. His cock was a good 8 inches hard, I could feel my cock begin to harden as I took a glance at his. Dean's cock was soft between his legs as he was concentrating on the ending of the movie and totally comfortable with being naked. Phil maintained the covering over his cock.

    Finally the credits began to roll. I flicked the TV off and turned to Tom, "It's great hey?"

    "Sure is" He said now fully relaxed, "Can't believe I got a hard-on though"

    "Don't worry about it, I'm beginning to get one as well" I turned to look at Dean who was just laying back relaxing. Then I glanced at Phil, he was obviously uncomfortble but didn't want to seem like a loser. "Hey why you still coverin' up?" I said kindly, "It not like soze matters here, I am not looking for sexual pleasure from you"

    "I'm not that big thats all" He said, slowly taking his hand away from his cock.

    "We don't care" Dean said. Tom agreed. Suddenly Phil was more relaxed. We sat there chatting for twenty minutes, all of us with full erections.

    "You guys wanna jerk?" I was suprised to hear Phil suggest.

    "Sure" We all greed. Everyones hand went immediatley to their cock and started to rub. I grabbed my shaft and gently ran my fingers all over it. I fondled my balls with my other hand. I was really enjoying myself until I realised I could make it more fun. I got up and went into the bathroom. I arrived back in the living room with some lube.

    I poured a bit on my hands and shaft and offered it to Tom. He poured it onto his cock, some of it began to roll down his inner thigh, I saw an opportunity to get some contact. I dived in with my hand and swiped up the bit of lube on his thigh, running my hand upward. Tom gave a slight shudder and I realised he was enjoying it. I withdrew though wanting him to make the first move. Tom passed the lube over to Dean and Phil who helped themselves.

    We jerked without talking for about five minutes. All you could hear was the wet sound of the lube on our cocks and hands. "Do you need a hand?" I heard Dean say to Phil.

    "Ummm...I suppose" He said uncertainly. I saw Dean reach over and help Phil out. I was jealous. Phil leaned back with his hands behind his head as Deans hand went up and down his own shaft while his other went up and down Phils.

    "Am I supposed to do the same?" Tom said.

    "If you want" I expected him to lean back and be given a hand job by me but instead he did what Dean had done and grabbed my shaft. At first I was a bit taken aback but relaxed quickly. Unlike Phil though I offered my hand to Tom's shaft. We both sat their jerking each other off. I could feel Tom's breath quicken and small moans escape his mouth. Phil saw what we were doing and tentativley moved his hand towards Deans shaft. Then he grabbed it firmly and start jerking him off.

    After ten minutes of jerking each other off I could feel my pulse quicken and could tell I was about to orgasm. At that point I saw Phil explode is cum oozing out of his cock over Deans hand and onto Phils neatly trimmed pubes. Tom had stopped rubbing my shaft to watch. Dean continued to rub Phil slowly and gently until the last drop came out.

    Then I grabbed Tom's shaft harder and began to jerk him vigourously. Withing minutes he had exploded, Cum spurting onto his well defined pecs and abs. He leaned back gasping, no longer touching my cock. I gave him one last good tug and let go.

    I ran my hand over the cum on his chest and scooped it up. Then used the cum to lubricate my own cock. I proceded to jerk off, while Dean opposite me did the same. Phil and Tom were exhausted and just watched. Then Dean sat up and leaned over Phil and moaned loudly. White shots of cum flew from his cock onto Phils lap. It was all over his shaft and pubes now. Then Dean sat back, breathing heavil.

    I was the only one who had not cummed. I pumped my cock quickly and felt the tingling sensation in my spine right before I cum. I gasped and the cum shot from my cock into the hair. Six spurts came out. They all flew up and landed back on my muscular thighs and couch. Some managing to get on Tom. I sat back and relaxed.

    Five minutes later once we had regained our energy I said, "We are going to have to clean our selves up. I suggest we hope in the spa outside, that should get most of the cum off. We all agreed. It was now 12 o clock at night and it was pitch black outside. I flicked the light switch and the lights came on. We all walked out the door into the warm night air. We each sait in a corner of the tub, naked and totally comfortable.

    Hope you guys enjoyed this one. I really enjoy typing the stories so maybe I will do more. Got any suggestions for what you would like to see just PM me.

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    this is awesone :)
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