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    Boring Saturday trip to the mall. Needed to buy some new clothes and was not in the mood for it. Friday night had been a bust, the girl I was seeing decided that she needed space and wanted to move on. That always makes for a fun night. So I didn't get laid last night. Come to think of it, I had not been laid in close to a week. I guess I should have seen her getting ready to dump me. She used to bang me twice a day, at least, three times on the weekend. Hell some weekends, we would not even get out of bed. Ah, those were the days.
    Anyhow, like I said, bored and not really into shopping. Was looking around when I saw this drop dead, gorgeous brunette with some of the biggest tits and longest legs that I had seen in at least a week. She was wearing this tight, tight tank top and a pair of shorts, so short, that her ass cheeks were hanging out. She knew she was hot and walked like her hips were about to be dislocated. When I managed to pull my eyes back into my skull, I felt my cock stirring in my shorts. I suddenly had the urge to take a leak and headed off to the restroom.
    I entered the can and headed to one of the urinals. About two seconds after I unzipped and began to relieve myself, the door opened. Now there were about a dozen urinals in the room, but this guy walks right over beside me. I don't know if it was the vision of pure sex over which I had just been drooling or the fact that I really, really had to piss, but I was showing about a half hard one. The dude looked over, I stepped back about a half a step so he could get a look if he wanted. He wanted.
    He said nice piece of meat and who was I to argue with that. Remember I had at least a week's worth of cum saved up in my balls and I have never been one to be shy around either gender. I finished up and squeezed off those last few drops. I did not put my meat away, instead I walked to the handicapped stall with my cock dangling from my shorts. Dude looked around, saw no one else in the room and followed me into the stall. He dropped to his knees and I grabbed his head and rubbed his face against my shaft. His mouth opened and lo and behold, my cock head just dropped right into it. Guy could suck cock, I will give you that. Soon he had me fully hard, like I said, it had been at least a week. He had both hands wrapped around my shaft, pumping away while he tongues my cock head. When he slipped his tongue into the slit, I moaned out loud.
    Then I grabbed the back of his head with my hand and began to pull his head onto my shaft. I felt the head of my cock reach his throat and began to slide down. The guy tried his damnedest to swallow the whole shaft, but he came up about an inch short. Still, his mouth was doing wonders on my meat. I began to fuck his mouth. One of his hands dropped to my balls, the other went around to my ass and he stuck a finger up inside me. That drove me over the edge. As much as I was enjoying the blow job, I was beginning to feel the cum inside my balls boil. This guy was good. Damn he was good. He had two fingers up my ass know and was reaming me. His mouth was clamped over my cock and sucking it like his life depended on it. My balls were being massaged with his other hand. I grabbed the back of his head and began shooting a huge load into his mouth. I pushed my hips forward and the guy was doing his best to swallow every drop. I knew my balls were really emptying themselves when I saw some of my cum drip out of his nose.
    As I finished shooting, my knees almost gave out. The guy looked up at me, gave my cock one more suck, stuck his tongue back into the piss slit and drew out the last of my cum. Then he stood up, winked at me and walked out. I sat down on the can and caught my breath. That had really taken the edge off.
    I got up, washed my hands, cleanliness fights germs you know, and left the bathroom.
    When I reentered the store, I started walking towards the men's department. That is when I saw the guy who had just given me one of the best blow jobs of my life talking to the drop dead brunette I had noticed earlier. They were both looking at me. While talking, the girl started moving towards me. The guy was following behind her.
    When she was standing beside me, she looked me in the eye and told me that her husband just told her that I had one of the biggest cocks he had ever sucked. She wanted to take me to their home and fuck me. Turns out that they cruised the malls all the time. Hubby would find a candidate that met her preliminary requirements and then give him a test run. Since she liked muscles and since I am a bodybuilder, she told hubby to test me out. Well as I stared at her DD's bursting out of the tank top, I thought for a second and quickly said hell yes, lets go.
    She told hubby to drive and we got into the back seat. She started kissing me and rubbing my pecs, concentrating on my nipples. I love it when a chick rubs my nipples. I love it even more when they bite them. Since I was wearing a small tank top of my own and since my pecs are huge, she was all over my nipples. I was moaning out loud as she worked my nipples over.
    Her hand reached down to my groin, grabbing at my cock. When she felt me begin to harden, she started moaning. The chick was feasting on my pecs and sucking my nipples while stroking my ever growing cock. She took a second off of ravishing my chest to state holy shit, you are huge all over. She slipped her hand inside my shorts and told hubby to drive faster.
    While she had been grabbing my cock, I had worked a finger between her legs and up inside her pussy. She was dripping wet. Hubby said that it would be at least five more minutes. Moaning, she slipped my shorts down and stared at my cock. Now keep in mind, her husband had just given me a fantastic blow job about 15 minutes earlier, yet I was as hard as a steel bar and so long that after wrapping both hands around my shaft, she still had a mouthful.
    I can't wait any longer she said. Off came her shorts and thong under wear. Now this girl had legs to die for. Toned thighs. She grabbed my cock and steered it to her waiting pussy hole. My cock was leaking pre cum which mixed with the juice pouring from her pussy. I slowly spread her pussy lips apart with the head of my cock. Driving my shaft into her, she began to moan as more and more of my cock disappeared. Wifey was pumping up and down on my shaft in the back seat of the car. She was moaning over and over about how I was the biggest she had ever had. More of my cock pushed up into her.
    She started cumming as hubby was pulling into their driveway. We drove into the garage. Hubby put the garage door down. I slid out of the back seat with wifey impaled fully on my shaft. She didn't weigh much so I started to carry her upstairs to their bedroom. I stopped in the hallway and fucked her real hard. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, her pussy squeezing my cock. My chest pushed against those remarkable DD's and I fucked her so hard that she came and came. Her pussy was squeezing and soaking my shaft.
    As her post orgasm spasms subsided, I continued our trek to their bedroom. Once I got her on the bed I pulled off her tank top and bra. Those tits were as perfect as I thought they were. Huge and firm with delicious nipples which I began to suck on. I draped her legs over my shoulders and fucked her as hard as I had ever fucked a chick. I pounded down into her as the whole bed shook, my balls slapping against her ass. She was screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs, saying she was cumming over and over again. I could not stop pumping into her. My balls were now on fire as I kept driving my shaft deep into her body, over and over. She was cumming on every stroke, telling me to fuck her harder. She was yelling that no one had ever been as deep inside her as me. I was reaching the point of no return. I picked up the pace, driving my cock into her harder and harder, faster and faster. She was screaming over and over how much she was cumming until I felt myself go over the edge and my balls were emptying themselves into her hungry pussy. Our orgasms peaked and we were both losing ourselves in the feelings of the moment.
    When we had finished cumming, I slipped out of her pussy and rolled over onto my back.That is when I noticed that hubby had been watching the whole thing. He crawled onto the bed and began to eat his wife's pussy, sucking my cum out of her stretched hole. Then he once again sucked on me. Then back to wife's pussy, while stroking my shaft.
    I was hard again almost immediately. This time the wife crawled on top, straddled me again and rode me hard. She was bouncing up and down on me, driving my cock deep inside her, grinding her clit on my shaft, while I was sucking those delicious nipples.
    When her legs were tired, she crawled off to the side. I was as hard as I had ever been. I looked at hubby and told him to take off his shorts. When he did, I discovered why they cruised the malls looking for cock for wifey. Hubby had the smallest pecker I had ever seen. I motioned for him to get on his back on the bed. I got up, positioned my cock at his asshole and pushed into him. It had been a while since I fucked another guy up the ass, but I quickly remembered why it felt good. So did hubby because, his little dick shot a load after about ten minutes of me pounding his ass. This couple was like a dream come true for me. I spent the entire night at their house taking turns with them and they with me. A very nice couple and a great time.
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    Great Story!
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