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    Jun 4, 2008
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    ok another female coworker. i had gone to an animal workshop, etc., and it was about the species of a favorite animal of a good looking female coworker. i work with the animal by the way. anyways when i came back from the trip we were in a barn with another coworker and she was talking about how upset in the past and which animals would upset her now when they pass on. i had this magnetic logo type thing from the workshop and i gave it to her because i was touched by what she had said. she would have liked to have gone i'm sure. it's actually on her file cabinet now. that was over the summer. so the other day a photo of her favorite animal that i work with was left for me from her. i have listened to her "stuff" in the past and this was rather out of the blue. now i feel awkward because rarely do people think of me and give me something as thoughtful as this photograph. i know i'll have to thank her for the photo, but boy i wish i could suggest something to find out if more is there.
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    Jan 12, 2006
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    You never actually asked anything, hon. If your question is about trying to figure out if you should try to date her, I'd probably say no. I think it ill-advised to fish from the company pier.
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