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Great Opportunity for Couple

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by B_ErikGlock, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. B_ErikGlock

    B_ErikGlock Banned

    Mar 17, 2010
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    Hey guys. Ran across your profile this morning and thought you would be perfect for a new website we are building. This has a great profit potential and we would be looking to take you on as full partners.

    This site will be taking advantage of some of the highest demand areas in adult on-line entertainment

    --- Reality Based
    --- Hotwife / Cuckold (degree of cuckold depends on interest of couple)
    --- Interracial
    --- Live / Webcam

    The site will focus on one couple and the build-up to the wife's 'first' experience with a well endowed black man. Black men will be able to join and create profiles and facebook like walls to lobby for the opportunity to be the chosen partner. Other members will be given the opportunity to vote on who the lucky black man will be (wife will be given veto power). This will all culminate in the live broadcast of the winning man and the wife having sex in a Las Vegas hotel suite.

    If you have any interest in this, here is what we would be looking for from you:

    --- Help create and maintain your profiles (including pictures)
    --- Help create regular blog type entries
    --- Participate in 2-3 live online interviews/Q&A sessions
    --- Potentially do 2-3 interviews with adult oriented media (ie Howard Stern)
    --- Engage in live broadcast from Las Vegas

    For our part, we would provide the following:

    --- Cover all up-front expenses
    --- Build and maintain the website
    --- Actively promote the site
    --- Process all payments and provide detailed accounting
    --- Handle all technical aspects
    --- Handle all travel logistics
    --- Assist you in creating your profiles
    --- Assist you in creating blog entries
    --- Arrange all interviews (online or in media)

    Financial arrangement would be 50/50 split of all net profits.

    If you have any questions and/or interest, please let me know.
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