Greetings From an Average Guy!

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    Well, average in penis length anyway, or close.

    Important stuff out of the way first. I'm at least 5.5 inches long with a full boner and 5.5 inches around, too! Neither of those is accurate to my satisfaction so it's subject to revision of .1 or more, heh. I'm on a quest to find a very accurate average length, not a huge range like 4-7 inches, but a single mean number. It's pretty important to me, not because I'm worried about being less than average, but because I want to know! It'd be nice to say with certainty where I fell. When I was growing up I was hoping to make it to 7 inches but that wasn't in the genes or diet or whatever, so I'm considering taking matters into my own hands (pun), but I'm not too terribly upset about being 5.5 long, I just want to know what to call it in comparison to others!

    Crazy as this might sound, I actually feel less anxiety about penis size signing up here than I have all night. And I think it'd be cool to be one of a few normal-ish guys on the Board of the Hung. I think it's because average sized guys are respected on here, and getting respect from guys with big dicks is a little like getting respect from NFL players for throwing a pretty damn good pass while still not being NFL material :biggrin1: . OK, not the best analogy, but maybe you get the idea.

    This place is surprisingly open in appearance and diverse in membership. I was also completely shocked when I got to the sexuality box in the profile. I was expecting gay/bi/straight/trans/blank at best, and was already sighing but this site has it right! Sexuality is a sliding scale, not a black and white catch-all like gay or straight. I'm 90% gay. If I'm watching straight porn, it's for the cock. I don't get a hardon looking at naked women, no matter how hot they are. I only actively seek out other guys for fun. I won't try to talk a woman into sex. But when a woman gets sexual around me, I get a boner! :cool:

    I could type more about myself but this into is already getting long. Ask questions if you like, otherwise I'll settle for greetings. :biggrin1:
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    Hi, welcome to LPSG, you seem familiar with the place already (a bit anyway) but come on in and make yourself comfy, there's all sorts going on...
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