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    Chapter 3 in the Heterosexual Fantasy series
    Grocery clerk’s huge package

    When Michael wasn’t hustling the house wives in the check out lines at the Safeway store where he worked he was at the local gym pumping iron. Michael was a big tall handsome and athletic seventeen-year-old. Because of his huge sex drive he was always trying to get a horny housewife or sexy cashier to get his rocks off at work.

    It was Ms. Kipling the head cashier that got him started on this hobby. She introduced him to the idea of mixing his sexual adventures with his work as a stock boy.

    As a sexy young stud he had became so good at attracting the sexual attentions of both women and men in the grocery store that he started a little competition with himself. How many shifts in a row could he go to work and have sex with either a cashier or one of the customers?

    He liked it when horny housewives would start to flirt with him in the store. They would strike up a conversation at the check out counter by commenting on his height, athletic build and his big hands and asked if he played basketball.

    This might be a logical assumption anybody would make watching his graceful huge hands reach for the cans and other groceries on the conveyor belt then flip them and gently toss them into the bags. Sometimes when he was really showing off to a particularly attractive customer he would take a large 48 oz. juice can, lift it up like a dumb bell and bounce it off his right bicep and catch it in his left hand then set it into the grocery bag.

    Michael had nice definition to his muscular athletic body. Not muscle bound, but obviously big in all the right places. He liked to show off his upper body to the women in the grocery store.

    When Michael started working at the store about a year ago he wasn’t as bold with the women. It was the head cashier Ms. Kipling who gave him the confidence to hustle the customers. From the first time she met the young stud she had the hots for Michael.

    She was first attracted to his friendly smile and his beautiful body, but she eventually found that Michael had an even better feature hidden in his pants. She discovered the fat black love hose between his legs one Saturday night last summer when business at the store was particularly slow.

    Ever since that night, every shift they worked together Ms. Kipling would make sure she scheduled her break the same time as Michael’s. Michael didn’t mind, he was guaranteed a fantastic blow job from Ms. Kipling almost every time she went into the stock room with him.

    That first Saturday night was particularly special.

    Michael had only been working at the Safeway for a couple of weeks. He thought Ms. Kipling wasn’t a bad looking woman. She was a natural blond and even after two kids she still had a tight ass, twinkle in her smile and liked to flirt with the stock boys. She wore her thick silky golden hair tied back in a pony tail. It made her look younger than her 32 years and it showed off her beautiful smooth skin, big blue eyes and the delicate features of her face.

    All the high school stock boys would get horny when Ms. Kipling would reach her arms back behind her head to adjust the elastic band of her pony tail. The horny teenage boys would watch her lean back on the office chair; push her chest forward and her arms back behind her head to adjust the elastic on her pony tail causing the nipples on her round full breasts to push against the cotton smock of her Safeway uniform.

    She liked the idea of all the teenage stock boys going home to beat off thinking of her tits. She liked it when their hungry lustful eyes looking at her tits as she adjusted her pony tail. She would purposely leave her hands behind her head an extra couple of seconds pretending to have trouble with the elastic so the young guys could have a good look at her “c” cup breasts. Of course she would try to size-up the bulges in their pants as they stared.

    The only one that didn’t seem to show much reaction to her hard nipples and pony tail adjusting was Michael. This disappointed Ms. Kipling because Michael was by far the sexiest stock boy on the staff. He would often come directly from the gym to the store after his workout and shower. His fresh smell and bulging muscles made her wet whenever he came up to the office to punch the time clock. Unfortunately, he always wore baggy pants and she couldn’t tell what kind of a package he had.

    One Saturday night Ms. Kipling decided to be a little more aggressive with Michael. She told him she needed something from the top shelf at the back of the stock room. She asked Michael to go back with her and climb up the ladder to reach for the box at the back of the storage shelf.

    Michael suspected this was more than a simple errand for the head cashier. Following her to the back of the store, he smiled slyly as the blond pony tail bounced ahead of him down the cereal aisle; her tight butt beckoning him to follow.

    “I think we put all the old boxes of grocery tapes in green banker boxes at the back of that top shelf” Ms. Kipling pointed. “Here… help me pull the stock ladder over to the corner.”

    Michael dutifully climbed up on the ladder. Ms. Kipling said she would put her hands on his legs to “help steady him” as he looked for the box of cash register tapes.

    Michael looked down just as she put her arms up behind her head to pull her pony tail tight. He caught a great view of her round tits and hard nipples. As Michael was looking directly down her top she looked up and smiled. She put her long painted finger nails on his ankles and gave him a firm grip.

    Michael shifted his weight from foot to foot on the steps of the aluminum ladder. Ms. Kipling’s hands moved further up his legs. She could feel his rock hard calves.

    “Can you see the boxes” she asked as she looked up at his massive thighs and tapered waist. She watched the muscles of his buttocks flex as he shifted his weight looking for the boxes.

    Michael said he couldn’t see any green banker box.

    Ms. Kipling was getting very hot watching this young muscular God moving above her.

    “Let me have a look.” She took two steps up the ladder beside Michael and wrapped her arms around his hips to steady herself. Her face was at his waist level.

    “I know I put it up there last spring after the audit was finished. Look for any banker box, maybe it isn’t green” she said as she pressed her arm around his tight hard ass.

    Michael was getting horny. He always wore baggy pants because of the size of his dick but there was no hiding what was happening. The front of his pants was beginning to tent out like he had a cantaloupe from the produce department hidden down his pants.

    Ms. Kipling’s face was directly in line with the growing bulge; she could sense victory. She saw the movement in his pants and decided to take the next move. Taking her left hand off the other rail of the ladder she grabbed Michael’s thigh to “steady herself” and could feel the python in his pants.

    Michael looked down at Ms. Kipling. She didn’t move her hand, but smiled up at him and started to stroke up and down his thigh.

    Michael reached down with his huge black hand and stroked her blond hair. She looked up at his massive chest and powerful arms. She could feel the heat in his pants.

    He wanted to unzip his pants and release his straining schlong. She wanted to put her lips on his giant snake but they both realized that they couldn’t do it six feet up the ladder.

    Quickly climbing back down to the floor they moved behind a skid piled high with cases of groceries and kissed deeply. Michael’s muscular chest and shoulders were irresistible to Ms. Kipling. His muscles and the way he moved like a graceful panther was what had originally attracted her to him, but now that she had felt the monster in his pants she was torn between kissing his beautiful chest and unleashing the beast in his pants.

    Her hands moved all over his huge powerful body. As his tongue darted in and out of her mouth her hands held onto his thick neck and powerful shoulders. She ground her clit into his growing member.

    Michael’s thick fingers pinched her nipples through her top and Ms. Kipling let out a moan. She grabbed his zipper and in one smooth move reached in and put her hand around the biggest piece of manhood she had ever felt. It was hard and soft at the same time. Hot in her hands. Pulsing and waiting to be sucked.

    It was Michael’s turn to moan. He put both hands on her silky blond head and pushed her face toward his crotch.

    Ms. Kipling pulled the snake out of his pants and started licking up and down the shaft making it wet and slippery. It continued to grow and get stiff in her hands.

    She was in heaven. The musky smell, the heat … She wanted to suck his dick and hold his hard ass muscles. She was like an animal now… breathing heavily, bobbing on this huge cock. It must have grown to more than ten inches …

    Michael undid the belt and let his pants drop to the floor.

    Ms. Kipling needed to see how big he really was. She pulled her face back and used both her hands to measure the love hose before her. There was enough manhood here that even after both her white hands wrapped around the shaft there was still at least four inches of beautiful black cock left to suck.

    The mushroom head was big as a door knob. Pre-cum oozed out the slit. She went to work. Pumping, licking, sucking …

    Seventeen year old Michael was getting close. He loved the way her fingernails clawed at his balls and her lips wrapped around his dick. She sucked hard and deep.

    He reached down and rubbed her beautiful full tits and squeezed her hard nipples.

    She reached around with one hand and squeezed his ass. Her long painted fingernail pressed against his rosebud. She continued to pump his huge monster with her other hand while she explored his tight ass.

    Covered in saliva and pre-cum his giant member glistened in the florescent light. Ms. Kipling pumped her fist furiously and licked the heavy balls hanging between his massive thighs.

    He could feel his balls tightening. She could sense he was getting close.

    Michael started to grunt. His muscles tightened and Ms. Kipling pushed against her tits against his massive thighs. He started to cum.

    Ms. Kipling pulled back just as a huge rope of cum shot out of Michael’s cock. Like a missile, it arched across the store room and hit the bags of flour stacked on the floor.

    The second shot, almost as big as the first, hit the Safeway logo on her uniform just above her right breast. She put her mouth back on his dick to catch the rest of the beautiful salty cum.

    It was the biggest cum from the biggest horse cock she had ever experienced.

    At that moment she decided she would make sure Michael and she were always on the Saturday evening shift together at the Safeway.

    Michael had already several young high school girls, but Ms. Kipling was his first older woman. It was at that moment he realized that the grocery business was a terrific way to meet horny women.

    As they finished Ms. Kipling said she would have to go and change her uniform.

    Straightening up and pulling her blond ponytail back she winked at Michael and said, “Why don’t we try looking for those audit boxes again next Saturday night?”
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    Hey JJ, What happened to the first 2 parts of this story?
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    That's a good question and looking at JJsuperbirds profile and searchinbg his past thread topic starts I couldn't find an answer but I did find a few more interesting stories. Even this on e on its own is nice--although I have to admit I opened it to read only because I get incredibly turned on imagining the two Syrian gents from my local grocery going at it with each othere--and of course inviting me itno the mix. Something about grocery store clerks is just very sexy.
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    Hey guys,

    thanks for the enquiries. The fact that someone is taking the time to go back and read some of my earlier stories makes me feel good. It motivates me to write more. :smile:

    Now that I re-read this story, it looks like the punctuation gremlins got into this post. :mad:

    I think when the LPSG folks upgraded the system on this site the old quotation mark symbols and apostrophe symbols didn't migrate to the new system properly. I originally posted this story almost two years ago. I called it "Chapter Three of the Heterosexual Fantasy" because it was intended to be a continuation from my first erotica story.

    It was the third installment of a rolling story that started as "Heterosexual Fantasy". That original story was first posted in December of 2004. That was my very first attempt at writing erotica. It was based on a true story about my wife's sister when she was a nursing student. She lived with us for a while and would come home and tell her sister stories about some of the things she would see on her shift as a nurse. I spun some of that stuff into a fantasy about the well endowed Doctor Roemer.

    Heterosexual fantasy Part Two was posted on December 31 of 2004. Unfortunately now that I read it two years later I realize that I shouldn't have made it a separate post, but simply tacked it on to the original heterosexual story. :redface:

    This short chapter introduced us to my sister-in-law's boss at the nursing station, Jackie, who is a big jovial black woman. There is no real sex in this "part two". It contains a bunch of banter and innuendo that sets us up for meeting the grocery clerk but this installment has no real action itself.

    What this second chapter does is transition us from the hospital setting to Jackie's son, a muscular young black grocery clerk at the local safeway store. This set up piece is what brings us to "Chapter three in the Heterosexual fantasy series".

    I guess I just over think these things too much. :rolleyes:

    What I was eventually hoping (chapter four?) was bring Jackie's son Michael, the muscular and physically endowed grocery clerk together with Debbie and her sister Linda. The fantasy would be the muscular stock clerk comes home for a real gang bang with the two sisters. Or, maybe Michael would go home with Linda and the husband should catch them at home together.

    Unfortunately I got busy at work and never returned to finish the story.

    Any preferences? More heterosexual or would you like a bi-sexual twist? What about grocery clerks turns you on?

    I'm always looking for new ideas. You can send me a private message if you prefer not to make a public posting...

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    Hi jj..

    I know this is an old thread and since then you have gone on to
    develope other senarios which I have always enjoyed, but I keep
    returning to this one with hopes that it might be continued....

    I guess it is my memories, as well as many fantasies, while
    working at A&P in my early to mid teens that keeps me wanting
    to read more about Michael's conquests in the stock room and
    elsewhere. And, yes, I enjoyed some times in the A&P stock
    room too.

    One of mine was similar to Michael's Ms. Kipling, but mine was
    the manager of the Deli Department. She was a big bosomed,
    green-eyed blond in her mid-twenties, by the name of Helga.
    She was a war bride from Germany and recently divorced, and
    was "hot to trot" as it was know then!
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