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    Hello everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself to check exactly how odd I may be! I stumbled upon this website whilst googling for male nudity on tv/film (specifically when penises are shown). I have no idea why I have such a fascination for this genre but I can't seem to get enough about it. Despite never having had a sexual experience with a man I have begun to become far more intrigued by looking at pictures of penises than anything a woman has to offer. A part of it is to do with how I measure up to others but there has to be more to it than that. I've also started to talk to men on sex chat sites who are bi-curious looking for an extra male in an MMF scenario. I've swapped pictures with women on a number of occasions on-line/on the phone but had never considered doing the same with men. Now, as long as they have a female partner, I am having less issue with 'sharing' with a man. Anyway...if there are any psychologists out there offering a free consultation I'd be pleased to hear from you! :smile:
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