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    Thought I'd post my results so far and my technique to help some other newbies.

    Note beforehand: When I first started I did not measure the same way everytime, well, I'm not sure that I did. I didn't pay any attention to it. So some measurements from the first 2-3 weeks may not be precisely accurate.

    I now measure NBP while standing, scraping the tape measure from my belly till it hits my cock while not performing any pressure at all. BP Is measured from the same point only I perform pressure.

    I measure girth by rolling the tape around my cock, no pressure applied because it forces blood out.

    I measure after every workout. Somedays you might not be able to push back as much as the day before when performing bonepressed measurements or other variables in measuring etc.
    I measure everytime to get a good idea where I'm at and to exclude changing variables.

    Every exorcize starts with a warm-up where I wrap my soft penis in a warm handcloth. Slowly making it hard while reheating the handcloth. I reheat about 3 times then I wrap it up untill it's no longer as warm, then I start the training.

    100 jelqs, 3x10sec stretch every side
    17 CM NBP
    18.5 CM BP
    11.5CM Girth

    After 1 week
    100 jelq, 3x10 sec stretch every side, 10 grinds, 10 curve
    17.5 CM NBP
    19 CM BP
    11.6CM Girth

    After 2 weeks
    125 jelq, 3x10 sec stretch, 5xmini jelq, 20 grinds, 10 curve, 5x10sec squeeze
    18.3 CM NBP
    19.2 CM BP
    11.7 CM girth

    After 4 weeks
    150 jelq, 3x10sec stretch, 10x mini jelq, 20 grinds, 10 curve, 10x5sec squeeze, 25 reverse jelqs
    19.2 CM NBP
    20.5 CM BP
    12.3 CM Girth

    After 9 weeks
    175 jelq, 3x10sec stretch, 10x mini jelq, 20 grinds, 10 curve, 15x5sec squeeze, 50 reverse jelqs
    19.5 CM NBP
    21.2 CM BP
    12.5 CM Girth

    End every session with 5times 5x5sec kegels-> jerk of till edge
    after the 5th time I have done 25x5 sec kegels and 5 edges. This greatly increases bloodflow. Then I come.

    I try to get a hard on frequently throughout the day (when appropriate ;) )as I believe it helps growth.

    I Exorcize 1 day on 1 day off. First 4 weeks where 2 days on 1 day off.

    Sometimes I'm not at home during training days. I just start again when home. I just skip the missed training day, I don't double my exorcize to make up or something. Think that is asking for trouble.

    Ok I hope this little journal helps some starters.

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    Good effort put into recording data for this post, thanks. All members who have had no gains from jelqing should take note that it's the devil that might be the cause so start exorcising! :tongue:
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    Thanks for this.
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    Excellent gains :)
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