Guys of all orientation "experimenting" with other guys? Exactly how common is this?

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    Hello, I've been lurking this site for a while now and I finally decided to make a profile. Since being on this site and reading the comments I've often been wondering after the topic of guys "experimenting" homosexually without actually being gay. Women get away with it in this society and from I could see are thought of as the only gender who does experiment. But since browsing this site and seeing some comments I've wondered if that's actually true...and so on to my question.

    I read in Kinsey that about 40% of guys had a same-sex experience before while for women it was only 20%. I think now the numbers for women are higher while for men iit's around the same since society hasn't tolerated it any better. We never hear about it though. But on here, gay guys are always sayig how many "straight' guys they've been with so I'm wondering which gender really experimenents more. So do you guys think guys experiment with homosexuality as much as girls or even more than girls, but NEVER ever tell anyone about it?

    I'm curious as to what gay or bi guys think about this topic.
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