hair follicle surgery

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    Jun 4, 2008
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    has anyone here has had a hair follicle transplant? cost? surgeon? happy with the results?
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    Jul 24, 2009
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    Southern Alberta, Canada
    I have had hair transplant surgery as far back as 1987 (when they still did scalp reductions and plug-type grafts), and as recently as last year, when I had about 2000 follicular unit transplants (which I assume you are referring to). I was going to have more done this summer but decided I didn't need it. No one but my hairstylist has ever been able to tell, and anyone I have told has not believed me until I showed them the donor site scar. My total cost is approximately $12,000 since 1987; cost was $3000 last year (I understand it is more expensive in the US). Dr John Gillespie of Calgary ( did my work; he has about 30 years experience and according to and linked websites he is one of the best in N. America.

    Am I satisfied? Yes....but you do not get a full head of hair; don't let anyone tell you that you do. I would describe it more like you are given the illusion of not being bald. But having said that, I am glad that I did it.
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