Hair vs. Shaft

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by TimBuckTooth, Jan 9, 2009.

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    I know that many women tend to be more interested in less superficial things in their romantic partners than men are-- things like "Is he funny? Is he kind, warm, generous, etc.?" OK, alright, I grant you that women are less superficial than men (or at least less visually sexually-stimulated than men).

    But, ladies, humor me for a minute... Among the superficial things that women look for in prospective partners (at those rare moments when they do consider the superficial qualities of male suitors :wink:), if you had to put a rank order on it, are women more interested in how good a man's hair looks OR how big his cock is, how well he uses it, how long his staying power is, and how eager he is to put his equipment to use (i.e- his sex drive)?

    I ask this question for a very specific reason: There is a fair amount of research that suggests that male baldness (especially early baldness) is caused or aggravated by elevated levels of testosterone. (There is even some evidence that testosterone levels can affect a man's facial appearance, such as the thickness of his brow, and the shape of his cheekbones and jaw structure, in addition to the obvious and well-known effects testosterone can have on body shape and mass-- hence the use of steroids like testosterone by athletes and bodybuilders). But a man with elevated testosterone is also much more likely to have an elevated sex drive (and sometimes, an enlarged penis, if Jose Canseco's former wife is to be believed). So, there is some data to suggest that a man with elevated testosterone could be a better endowed and/or more eager and frequent sex partner.

    So, ladies, if forced to choose, would you rather have more thick, luxurious hair or more thick, hard cock?

    (And OK, I know, some guys have both, so the Tom Byrons and Rocco Siffredis of the world don't force you to choose, but let's assume for the moment that some significant percentage of the time, when considering men between, say, age 25-50, that there is some trade-off between hair vigor and cock vigor.) And just to be clear, I'm trying to find out what women who frequent this site think, not what men think women think, although if guys want to chime in with their opinions, that's fine I guess.
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