Halloween costume suggestions?

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    My Birthday is a few days after Halloween but I always have a big party the day of. This year Halloween falls on a Friday and I will have a quite few parties to go to over the weekend so I need a couple of choices. Last year I went as...


    A small character from one of my favorite movies "Hocus Pocus". He's appears as the MC/Band Player in the town hall party scene. I made the costume last minute myself (I'm a design student). I'll probably just go as that again to one of my friends parties. However I'd like something different for my get together and for the others I'll be attending. I hate repeating and I like trying to out do whatever my friends or I did the year before.

    I like edgy, clever, classic, macabre, vintage, over the top stuff. Though I'm open to anything really this year so suggest away!
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