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Halloween Surprises (continued)


Expert Member
Apr 5, 2021
United States
90% Gay, 10% Straight
This is a continuation of: Halloween Surprises

As I walked down the hallway, I saw no sign of David, the muscular frat bro who had just unloaded inside me. He must have hurried off, or maybe his room was nearby. I imagined he was behind one of the closed doors, sprawled out on his bed, contemplating the stranger he just railed in the bathroom. Maybe he'd get turned on again just thinking about it, then start touching himself and rub out another load before passing out. My hole quivered just thinking about it, and my dick was still rock hard from the encounter, plus my runaway imagination. Fortunately, David had actually done a pretty good job of tucking it away for me, as it wasn't really noticeable under my skirt.

I made it back to the main party area, and began looking for my friends. I spotted Derek across the room with his werewolf mask tucked under his arm. He was talking to a guy in one of those spartan/gladiator costumes, where your torso is exposed, and there's a "skirt" with strappy sandals, sword and shield, helmet, and a cape draped over the shoulders and down the back. From a distance, the torso looked pretty sexy... somewhat hairy, and somewhere in between muscular and fat, with just a little bit of a belly. Definitely something I wanted to get a closer look at, so I headed toward them.

Derek spotted me as I approached, and waved me over. "Hey! Where've you been? I was beginning to think you left, or maybe one of these dudes took you back to his room or something!" He said with a laugh.

"Haha, nah... just needed a little break." I responded. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at how close he was to accidentally guessing the truth.

"Who's your friend?" Asked the helmeted gladiator.

"Oh!" Derek said, "This is....... Joanne!"

Derek and I glanced at each other. He gave me a kind of "play along" kind of look, so I did. I actually kind of liked the name Joanne for my slutty alter ego. Jon by day, Joanne by night!

"Hi Joanne, I'm Max." The gladiator said. I gave him a little wave, and said "Nice to meet you" in as high of a pitch as I could muster. Fortunately it was pretty loud, so maybe it didn't sound as fake as I imagined. "So how do you know Derek?" I asked.

Turns out they were in an Econ class together, and were partners on a project. They started talking about the project, so I went to grab another drink. By the time I came back, the gladiator had removed his helmet, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I just stared at him for what felt like an eternity. Finally, I looked away and back at him, just to make sure I wasn't imagining things.....

Standing right in front of me was the legendary Mr. Mankini. The sexy, beefy, thick-cocked man that took my virginity and turned it into a sloppy, oozing hole that craved more. And now, I knew his name: Max.

"Joanne, are you okay?" He asked. Clearly he noticed me staring.

I broke from my trance, shook my head and said, "Yeah... I just realized that we've met before."

"Really, where?"

"At that party a few weeks ago...." Then I leaned in, grabbed his arm, and moved my mouth near his ear so only he could hear. In my normal voice, I said, "I slept next to you..... we.... had an.... encounter in the bathroom."

I stepped back, and he looked at me for a moment, confused. Then suddenly the recognition began to wash over his face like a wave in the ocean. His eyes widened, and jaw dropped. Just then, Derek turned his focus back to us. He had been talking to a couple other people as they passed by. He saw the look on Max's face, and asked "What's that look for?" Derek then looked at me, then back at Max and chuckled. "Haha... you must've figured out Joanne's secret!"

"Oh... heh..... I yeah, I guess I did." Max replied.

We talked about my costume for a little while, and Derek kept making suggestive comments about what he'd do if I were a "real chick". He even grabbed my ass once to make a point. Max seemed to be enjoying the commentary, and played along. I told them I've had a bunch of guys "accidentally" brush up against me as they walked by. They got a good laugh out of that one.

Eventually, our conversation started to wind down, and we just kind of stood there looking at each other for a moment, taking the occasional sip of our drinks. Maybe I was just horny, but the sexual tension felt so thick you could swim in it. Finally, Max broke the awkward lull by asking, "Do you guys want to come chill in my room for a little while? So we can chat where it's quieter?"

Turns out, Max was a part of the frat that was hosting the party. Derek and I both agreed to go to Max's room to "chill" for a while. As we headed toward his room, so many thoughts flew through my head: Does he just want to hang out, or does he want to hook up again? Does he mind that I'm dressed as a slutty nurse? Is Derek going to be a cockblock? Is Derek going to join?? Am I about to have a threesome with one of my best friends??? As far as I knew, Derek was straight.... but then again, I'm pretty sure he thought I was straight.

We made it to Max's room. It was a pretty standard-issue college room: two twin beds on opposite walls, with a couple of desks in between, a beanbag chair, and a mini fridge. Max sat on what I'm assuming was his own bed, and Derek plopped down in the beanbag chair. I turned one of the desk chairs around and sat in that.

"There are some beers in the fridge if you guys want some." He said, as he gestured to the mini fridge behind me.

"Sure, I'll take one." Derek said, "Will you grab it for me.... Joanne?" He said with grin.

"Whatever you want, big boy.... I'll even give you a show too!" I stood up, stepped over to the fridge, and bent forward to open it. My skirt was short enough that it exposed my lacy red panties for all to see. Derek hooted as I grabbed the beers. As I handed the beers to Derek and Max, Max had a smile on his face, and looked me up and down a couple times.

I sat back down, and we made some more small talk. After a little while, Derek started shifting uncomfortably in his seat, and said, "Man, this costume is so hot and itchy... you mind if I take it off? Don't worry, I've got some clothes on underneath."

Max and I both said we didn't mind, so Derek stripped off his werewolf costume. Underneath, he was wearing a white t-shirt with baby blue boxer shorts. He sat back down in the beanbag chair, spread his legs wide, and declared, "Ahhhhh.... much better."

Then Max decided he'd take of his costume also. After he stripped off the various pieces, the only thing he was left wearing was a pair of gray boxer briefs. He walked past me to put his costume into a pile in the corner, then walked past again, giving me a wonderful view of his heavy bulge.

Derek chuckled and said, "This is like the beginning of a cheesy porn."

"Right??" I laughed... then imitating them, I said, "Man, these costumes sure are uncomfortable... you wanna help take them off for us?"

We talked some more about how the plot would advance, and jokingly acted out some of the scenarios. "Oh, here's the best one...." I said as I stood up and grabbed my beer. I walked over toward Derek, pretended to trip, and spilled a little beer on his crotch. "Oh my gosh!" I said melodramatically. "I'm so sorry... let me help you clean that up!" Max grabbed a couple of tissues from the desk next to his bed and handed them to me. I placed my hand on Derek's inner thigh and began playfully blotting his crotch with the tissues.

Almost instantly, the situation turned from playful joking and laughing to quiet and serious. I slid my hand farther up Derek's thigh, and blotted more slowly and sensually... feeling around at what was beneath the fabric. I could feel that he was starting to get hard, so I looked up at him. He let out a quiet, nervous laugh, then asked, "..... and then what happens?" I looked over at Max, who was sitting on the bed, leaning back on the wall with his legs spread. He very subtly grazed his thumb over his bulge.

I looked back down at Derek's crotch and continued gently blotting until I could feel that he was fully erect. I then slid my hands up the legs of his boxers. My right hand gripped his shaft, while my left hand caressed his balls. As I fondled him, I noticed a dark spot begin to appear on his baby blue boxers, right where the tip of his dick touched the material. The spot grew pretty quickly, so I began to milk his cock with my hand. Soon, his precum bubbled up through the material to form a tiny glistening dome of fluid. I couldn't help myself, and bent down to lick it. This caused Derek to gasp lightly. At this point, I decided it was time to go all out. I removed my hands from his shorts, then grabbed his waistband and began to pull. He lifted his hips so that I could pull off his underwear. I slid them down his legs and off his feet, then tossed them to the side.

Because he was reclined in the beanbag chair, his dick flopped against his stomach. He had a nice, long dick. Compared to my own 6 inches, I'd bet he was at least 7.5 or 8. It wasn't especially girthy, but it did have a nice bulge just behind the head, then was slightly narrower at the base. It was still leaking precum.... quite a bit of precum, actually. There was already a large wet spot forming on his shirt. "Sorry, he's pretty leaky..." Derek said.

"Don't apologize," I said, "It's hot as fuck." With that, I grabbed his dick and began sucking. Derek let out a long moan. As I worked his pole, I could taste the continuous flow of his precum, and it drove me fucking wild. I started breathing heavily and moaning as my lips and tongue darted up and down on his cock. His precum helped lubricate as well, which made everything feel slick and velvety smooth. Derek's breathing intensified, and he suddenly pulled my head away from his cock. "Wait wait wait... I want to see you do him." He said, pointing at Max.

I looked over and saw Max rubbing his hard dick in his underwear. He scooted to the edge of the bed, so I knelt down in front of him and began lightly stroking his dick through his underwear. He stood up, and I nestled my face in his crotch. There was a faint musty, sweaty smell, so I took a deep sniff and continued to bury my face in his bulge. I then pulled his underwear down, and his hard, thick cock pointed straight out at my face. I had forgotten just how thick he was. Derek even took notice, "Holy shit that's thick!" Unlike Derek's, Max's was widest near the base.

Like last time, the girth made it difficult for me to suck much more than the head, but I sure tried my best! Max moaned approvingly, so I figured I must have been doing something right. He stood me up, kissed me deeply, and grabbed my ass with both hands. His fingers slid behind my panties and began to explore my hole. He was able to work his fingers inside me pretty easily, given I had already been opened up, and I had a load in there to help lubricate. "Fuuuck," Max moaned, "you're ready for it, aren't you?"

"Fuck yes," I responded, "In fact... I actually already took one load a little earlier."

Max paused for a moment, then asked, "So you've already been fucked once today?"


"And he shot his load in you?"


"Fuck, you're such a little slut." Max said as he slid a second finger into my hole. "Did he take you back to his room?"

"No, we just ran into each other in the bathroom, and he fucked me there."

"Did you even know the guy?"


Max chuckled. "You must like getting fucked by random guys in the bathroom.... just like when I fucked you last time."

"Wait, you two have fucked before??" Derek yelled.

"Heh, yeah.... at that party you dragged me to a few weeks ago." I said.

"I dumped two loads into him that night." Max declared proudly.

"Holy shit..." Derek said in disbelief.

"I think that means it's your turn." Max said to Derek. Max then slid my panties down, and my engorged member lifted the bottom of my skirt and pointed toward Derek. He looked at it for just a moment before Max turned me around so my back was facing Derek. He led me backward for a few steps, then said, "Sit on his lap."

I did as I was told. I spread my legs, and began to squat down into his lap. Right as my hole made contact with his dick, Derek grabbed my hips and said, "Wait wait wait.... I'm not sure I want to go that far..."

"Why not?" Max inquired. "You've already been in one of his holes... might as well try them all!"

I hovered just above Derek's cock, waiting to hear his decision. He didn't say anything, but he also didn't push me away. I reached down to grab his dick, and moved it so that the tip rubbed against my hole. "Fuck" he said quietly. I pointed his tip directly at my hole and lowered myself just enough to allow the head to begin to slide in. "Fuuuuuck" he repeated. I then moved up and down in small motions. His precum fountain made an amazing lubricant, so his head slid easily in and out of my hole. I paused and asked, "You ready to go all in?"

He hesitated, but said, "Fuck, might as well. Go for it."

With that, I slowly lowered myself down his long cock. The bulge behind his head gave my ass a very pleasurable stretch. That bulge was definitely thicker than the earlier bathroom stranger. As I got close to the base, I felt his cock hit my inner hole. "Fuck, you're long enough to hit my second hole..... can you feel it?" I asked.

"I feel something.... it feels really fucking good....."

I rocked gently on his dick, trying to get it to open up that ring. After several strokes, I finally felt it slide past and I was able to engulf his long cock balls deep. We both moaned loudly. I just sat there for a moment, savoring the immense pleasure I felt from the pressure of having my friend's dick stretch both of my holes. Derek then wrapped his arms around me and began thrusting his hips. At first he just made shallow thrusts while keeping his cock buried deep inside me, then gradually lengthened each stroke so that he was leaving and re-entering my inner ring with each stroke.

He stopped thrusting for a moment and said, "I want you to turn around.... I want to suck your little titties while you ride me."

I did as he asked. I stood up, turned around to face him, and lowered myself back onto his dick. He then proceeded to unbutton my shirt. Once my shirt was open, his mouth went straight to my left nipple. He gave it a few good sucks, flicked it repeatedly with his tongue, and gave it a few gentle bites. "Ohhhhh, fuuuuuck" I moaned. He repeated that with my other nipple, and went back and forth. The sensation of him sucking my nipples plus his cock sliding in and out of me almost sent me over the edge. Clearly Derek was also enjoying it, because he very suddenly exclaimed, "FUCK, I'm cumming!" as he threw his head backward and lunged his hips upward into me with as much force as he could muster.

"Oh, holy shit" He said, out of breath. "I can't believe I just came in you."

I just smiled, and stood up slowly. As I raised up off of his dick, his body convulsed a couple of times.

"My turn." Max said. "Lay down on the bed.... on your back."

Again, I did as I was told. I lifted my knees toward my chest, and wrapped my arms around my legs to give him full access. He climbed on top of me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as we kissed and rubbed our cocks together. Then, without breaking the kiss, he positioned himself to penetrate me. He reached one hand down to guide his cock into my hole. On the first thrust, I felt his head stretch my hole. He then continued to thrust, going a little deeper each time. With each thrust, my hole stretched a little more to accommodate his thick manhood.

Once he had buried himself to the hilt, he asked, "Do you like having my cock inside you with two other loads?"

"Fuck yes"

"I bet you do you little slut." He said as he began to fuck me. I had forgotten just how amazing his thick cock felt. It wasn't quite long enough to hit my inner hole, but the way it stretched and filled me gave me a whole different type of pleasure. Each thrust made my whole body tingle. All I could do was moan and gasp.

He then suddenly pulled his cock out of my hole quickly, which sent a pleasurable shiver through my body. He flipped me over onto my stomach, raised my hips in the air, pushed my chest against the bed, and shoved his cock back into me. In this position, I could feel his balls slam against my taint with every thrust. I remembered feeling that during our first encounter, and forgot just how good it felt. I don't remember feeling them with David or Derek, but it's amazing how such a seemingly small detail can make such a big difference. It made him seem even more manly, and made me want to just completely submit to him. "Fuck me harder!" I squealed.

He obliged, and began slamming his hips into my ass so hard I had to push against the wall for support. He was relentless, and I was loving every second of it. Before long, I could tell that I was going to cum without even touching myself. The way my ass stretched around his cock, the way his balls felt against my taint, the way his hips slammed into me.... it all sent me over the edge. "Fuuuuuck, I'm going to cum!" I yelled.

Max thrust a few times more, then pulled out of me, flipped me over, and put his mouth around my cock to suck the cum out. I had an orgasm so intense that I writhed around involuntarily on the bed. After he had sucked out every last drop, Max came up to kiss me with his mouth still full of my cum. We swapped my cum as we kissed, and each swallowed a portion of it. Max then flipped me back over (hips up, chest down) and began to fuck me again. After a very short period of time, Max asked, "Do you want my load?"

"Yes please!"

"Fuck, here it comes!" He moaned as he unloaded into me, and slammed his hips into me even harder than he had before. I could feel each convulsion of his dick as he coated my insides with the third load of the day. Once he was spent, he laid forward onto me, and we stayed in that position for a while, both catching our breath.

"That was..... surprisingly hot." Derek said.

"We'll have to do it again sometime." I said.

"Absolutely." Max agreed.

He lifted himself off of me, and after he pulled his cock out of me, my ass let out a quiet, wet fart. I could feel cum start to drip down my balls.

I ended up falling asleep in that position, and by the time I woke up, I was snuggled with Max under the covers, and Derek had already left. I smiled and went back to sleep.