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    Which is the regular size of hands for normal porno actresses,let see if I'm right ,and which is the rol , girls hands play in the porno film special male oral sex and hand job.
    As example a regular measure of a blend index fingers are 2 inches,but the widenes of her complete four finger may vary from 2,3 inches to 4 inches (7 cms to 10 cms).
    But agree woman's hands aren't so rustic than man's hands .
    Other calculation should be that the 3 smallest fingers of a comun girl measure 2 inches , so whole wideness of her hand its plus one finger (the index finger).
    The result could be that regular porno actor penis are 10 finger (2 hands and and 2 fingers more)
    Extra porno actor 12 fingers (3 hands )
    And there are some over extra porn actor of 14 fingers (3 hands plus 2 fingers) this last case is peculiar of Mandingo case as example .
    All could be important because if it is the condition of professional , what we can expect for the rest mortal men .
    And when we fall in a myth or in the rude trust
    Of course may be porno actor need something more important than a big size over 7 or 8 inches lenght , need auto control , long erection periods in public or among camera, fast erection again after cum ectc...
    So may be its not easy to find in the conner ,such man
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