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    It seem that every time I get curious...I just want to know...I was always the one in class to ask the "21 Questions" because I just want to know...but should it hurt to a point where you just want to try it out

    I've already asked this question first, and many have already approached me through a Private Message and have told me what they think should be done and well what to expect.

    I still have not yet the courage to be able to do that, and I feel that when I think about meeting "other" people it stresses me out for some reason.

    I got out every night with friends and occasionally meet new people everyday and it's what I enjoy of it and I can't seem to understand why I get nervous, stressed out, and even blush and I'm that sort of person that is down with anything and will just do things for the heck of it.

    Life is too short to well, regret things later in life, and the though of going to a club etc and meeting someone and well having a random hook up scares me..

    Is it because I am scared to know what it will be like? Or what I think will happen to me physically and mentally? I've done it before...I just don't know why i have these feelings...

    I know who I am on the inside and out and I'm comfortable with who I "kick" it with and who i talk to, befriend, and meet. Well on the exception that if you're ugly, than I wont talk to you .

    After reading the "Meeting People on Graigslist" thing, is like every other Seeking-Dating website...I've never had a "1-Night Stand" and it's all just confusing and I feel like it's a hunch that I should go do something...but I don't always trust them.

    I still don't know how to cope with it.....

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