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Aug 31, 2009
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Im trying to get started on this whole PE thing, and have a couple questions involving my routine. Im pretty much only planning to do this at night (not really sure if PE is something that should be done all throughout the day, but whatever). Anyways, every night while I take a shower, I pretty much do a bunch of jelqing (Im at around 300-400 reps per session, with small breaks every now and then). The hot water from the shower usually kinda serves as a warmup. And I'll admit, when I hang flaccid after the shower, I definitely seem to hang lower, although, the gains dont seem to be permanent (Ive only been going for a couple days now). But heres where Im really confused. Last night, for the first time, after my jelqing sessions, I hung a small weight at the end of my dick while I laid down on my stomach, with everything hanging down below me. First, I should probably mention, the way that Im hanging these weights is pretty primative. I just took a piece of string, and tied it tightly (but not too tight) so that it hung from my glans, and then attached a light weight (roughly 1 pound?) at the end. Last night, I ended up leaving it hanging for only about an hour. I never experienced pain or anything uncomfortable, so thats good. After I was done, the gains were noticeable, but I wasnt THAT much bigger or anything. Around this time, I just kinda got horny, and busted off (which felt great by the way) So I was wondering, is 1 hour of hanging ~1 pound enough? Or should I increase the duration? I understand I should be starting off slowly, since Im just getting into this, but Im just not sure how slow is too slow. Any suggestions on how long I should let this hang for?