Happy HEAD-filled holidays!! ;-)

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    (to the tune of "O Come, All Ye Faithful")

    Unzipping, unveiling
    Ur worship-worthy horsecock --
    Just breathing ur musky scent,
    I float into bliss!
    I'm hypnotized by each
    Throb and swell and stiff'ning --
    I tongue-trace every vein, sir ...
    Ur meat drives me insane, sir!
    O please, sir, permit me to serve
    Ur heav'nly shaft!

    O flow, riv'rs of precum,
    Juiced anticipation!
    Ooze upon my eager waiting
    Lips, tongue and throat;
    Please let me savor
    Ur sticky, hot ambrosia --
    O, none will go to waste, sir ...
    I can't wait for that taste, sir!
    O please, sir, I so crave ur drooling
    Dick honey drops!

    O yes, u enjoy as
    I edge u ev'r closer,
    I tease and back off again --
    U're kept on the brink;
    I'll suck for hours
    In blissful adulation,
    All glory to that dick, sir ...
    I love ur mighty prick, sir!
    O please, sir, I cannot wait for
    Ur jizz to spew forth!

    O cum, feed me mouthfuls
    Of ur creamy semen,
    O cum, cum and drown me
    In load after load;
    Cum, flood my gullet, I'll
    Swallow it all hungrily --
    And beg u for some more, sir ...
    I've got to have some more, sir!
    O please, sir, just keep feeding me ur
    Suuuck-ulent seed!

    (c) 2011 suckboy roy (swallower53703)
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