Happy New Year, and a Belated Merry Xmas, 2 New Videos for Presents :P Enjoy!!

Discussion in 'Straight Adult Websites' started by B_Chris_9_inches, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Happy New Year and a Belated Merry Xmas everybody.

    I have done 2 new videos to celebrate these 2 occasions.

    The first one is an xmas inspired video titled "Tinsel Fun" ;)

    The second one is just a new years present, i just thought about what i had never filmed, and i realised i had never filmed my self in the shower, so there is a 7 minute shower scene with a more professional feel to it ;)

    I hope you enjoy it, and to let u know i have big plans for the site, many updates to follow.
    As the site nears its first birthday, a site re-build is on the cards, to make the site look more professional rather than ameature!!

    Any comments and suggestions and welcome, and if i like them, or if there is a high demand for them, i will do them.

    The site is Chris_9_inches !!WARNING!! OVER 18's ONLY!!

    (as seen on LMGTS: LetMeGetThiStraight.Com: Boys With Big Toys )

    Thanks again for your support

    From Chris_9_inches

    (P.S. I had the videos done by the 30th of December, but Xtube took forever to bloody convert them, so i have had to wait till now to announce this, thanks again)
  2. longozzy

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    Alice Springs (NT, AU)
    Love the pics and vids Chris, do u take requests??

    How about some vids or pics of that beauty being measured?

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