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    My recent efforts have resulted in enhancing EQ drove me to buy book "The hardness factor" by MD Steven Lamm.
    Lamm advices are really good and supplements he recomends are for sure really great for EQ and general health which as many know are highly related.I think that the biggest change made supplements he advices. I immediately bought them in bulk from Purebulk.com, Nutrition Redesigned and after change in diet and increasing amount of physical activity like cardio,running I`ve never seen so big changes in my unit.In flacid my dick was fucking big like never before and on it apeard new veins( which is really good sign as far as I know) Supplements he recomeds are l-arginine,free radicals fighters - pycnogenol,grape seed extract,red wine,vit E,C and horny goat weed to increase libido.I added as well ginkgo to this list.

    Unfortunatelly I didn`t became rock hard what was my main goal and now after 2 weeks it`s really bad, cause i
    I don`t know what Im doing wrong (mayby I take too high doses of this supplements Im was ingesting) but even that it`s now really hard for me to get hard ;/ my unit seems to be cold which is really bad sign.
    Im looking for some really experienced person advices now becasue it seems that the more I try to help myself the greater damage I do to my own body.
    The best results I had with just normal eating and hard PE workout, when I woke up in nigt with solid wood.Everyday I want to return to this times but temptation to try some supplement to speed up this proces or see what goona happen is stronger.
    Please advie me what to do now cause I really miss luck my mornig wood.
    Mayby I`ve done some damage to kidneys which are as well really important to EQ.
    I think that I have to be clean as much as possible and only eat smart with excersises but really confuse me that I have all this powerfull supplements and can`t have take advantage of them.

    Mayby is here some expert and know what is the main reason of my problems.
    Last days Im fucking confused cause even when I`ve bought professional book Im doing something wrong and cant have achieve what I really want.
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    I can only say what worked for me, but just stop touching yourself (or have anyone else touch you) at all for a week or more, ignore all sexual urges, just pretend you're a devout catholic or something. Then wait until you really are desperate and see you you go.

    And chill out, you do sound like you're seriously stressing yourself about this. Supplements are NOT the answer, despite what the "experts"/manufacturers will have you believe.
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