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    mkhonto: Can anyone help?
    I had a horrible experience recently: I've just started sailing a trapeze catamaran , and trapeze harnesses for dinghy sailing aren't cool! I usually wear briefs under street clothes, but under a wetsuit I wear a Speedo or lycra shorts and dress my cock down one leg to hide the bulge.
    When dinghy-sailing with a trapeze harness, I almost have it amputated by the crotch-strap, and when I tuck my cock up the front, it gets crushed by the waist-strap. Where to put it, or are Lerakis-type nappy-harnesses better for trapezing, or do I wear my usual cotton briefs underneath and suffer terminal nappy-rash?
    For those that want to know, a harness is usually a back-support with shoulder-straps, a waist strap, and a crotch-strap/s connected to a bloody great hook or plate by your navel, but I know that there are Lerakis-type harnesses available. Lerakis harnesses are what Americas Cup foredecks wear- like a climbing harness.
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    I'm glad to see another sailing guy on here - I do a bit of it myself, not so much anymore, but have done quite some tours with my Dad, and when my lady can get us a boat, we like to go out. But that's no race sailing, so I can't really help you with your issue, sorry.

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