Has Anyone Actually Been Attracted Or Seduced By Someone's Father ?

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    It is a kind of staple in gay porn and even straight porn with the MILF, with this being the DILTF with most young gay or bisexual men. I have admitted to having a weak spot for fit older guys along the lines of gay porn star Derek Steel and so on, but was wondering if there are any guys out there where this fantasy has actually come true or, if ever, they have thought that a mate's Dad was rather hot and maybe even hinted that he wanted to fool around behind the scenes.

    I remember one of my mate's dad had a habit of always wearing the most revealing clothes possible when I came around, and I did not mind as he was a bloke who kept fit before it was made popular, being that he was a former life guard and a laborer by trade. He was the complete sexy ' daddy ' type of grey hair but still not balding, few facial lines but still youthful looking and had abs so ripped you could grate cheese on them and a bubble butt that was so hard and firm and round most guys in their teens and early twenties would KILL for it, and luckily for me he was always willing to show it off in short stubby shorts that would be covered in paint or cement mix from work or speedos when he would join me and my mates in the pool in summer for a swim. He was as far as I knew 100 % straight but he was sexy as hell and if he had ever hinted of wanting to fool around I would have jumped at the opportunity in all my teen hormonal glaze and loved it lol
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